BangShift Question of the Day: What’s The Best Looking Year For The Pontiac Firebird?

BangShift Question of the Day: What’s The Best Looking Year For The Pontiac Firebird?

I don’t think it is controversial or weird to say that that for as long as the Pontiac Firebird was in production it was either the stylistic equal or superior of its sister, the Chevrolet Camaro. The Pontiacs always seemed to have “something” more than the Chevrolets. Whether we’re talking about the cool hoods on the early Trans Ams or the more radical noses on second generation variants, the overall sleekness of the third generation cars, and then the brutally polarizing Ram Air noses the fourth gens, it was always something and every knew the Pontiacs apart from the Chevrolets, right?

The real question though, as it pertains to the Pontiacs surrounds which one of the looks the best. Being that the cars changed so much over the years we bet there will be a myriad of answers to this question and that’ll make it fun. Me? I love the more rounded contours of the early 1970s cars, I love the bombastic nature of the late second generation cars, and I love the looks of the 1990-1992 third generation machines. I’m not going to try and swing the vote here and declare my favorite. I’ll do it like everyone else in the comments.

So what’s the best looking Pontiac Firebird ever?

We want to know what you think the best looking year for the Pontiac Firebird is!

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22 thoughts on “BangShift Question of the Day: What’s The Best Looking Year For The Pontiac Firebird?

  1. Rock On

    I would say the 70-73 Firebird Formula. You would have a hard time telling one year from the other. Functional hood scoops big enough to ingest small birds.

  2. CoffeeJoe

    1972 Formula 400. Those hood scoops all the way out on the leading edge of the hood… sexy sexy

  3. doug gregory

    We have a third for the 70-73 Formulas with the 74-75s a close second. Can’t really put my finger on why though. Next would have to be a 4th-gen firehawk (no…I don’t own one, but I do have two 94 Formulas).

  4. Oklxs03

    ‘72 455 HO Lucerne Blue w/ white stripe. I think it has everything to do with a kind of ratty, chalky paint but straight car I was in burning the tires thru 3 gears and well over 1/4 mile. IIRC it had Ram Air IV heads swapped on and the owner said HO/RA IV swap was the hot ticket. Easily the the nastiest sounding most brutal Pontiac I’ve ever been in.

  5. Justin Butler

    If I could have one, I’d take a ’67 or ’68 firebird 400. Early 3nd gen (’70-’73) Firebirds/Trans-Ams run a close second.

  6. Mario Ventresca

    My Grandson and I own a 1968 Firebird 400 blue, black interior 4 speed 12 bolt 411gears we love this car.

  7. F.R.O.

    The 1971 Formula Firebird is the best looking one. The Formula twin scoop hood and duckbill spoiler is where it\’s at. Plus you could have the Trans Am chin spoiler and front and rear wheel spoilers as an option on theFormula. Plus it was the first car to have an optional cassette player.

  8. Kenneth

    I like em all. But the 71 formula is the best looker ever. My daily ride is a 95. N i fell in love with it instantly. Looking strait down the hood is beautiful and intimidating

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