$250,000 For An Unfinished Ferrari Powered Fiberglass 1932 Ford? I Don’t Think So. Check This Out.

$250,000 For An Unfinished Ferrari Powered Fiberglass 1932 Ford? I Don’t Think So. Check This Out.

(We got a tip from BH, who wishes to remain nameless on this one, about this particular ride and wow…) Bring $250,000 and an IQ below 60 and these folks will sell you one of the most overpriced and horribly screwy 1932 Fords we’ve ever seen. And I have seen a LOT of 1932 Fords. I am so blown away by so many things on this car that I quite literally can’t decide what to write about first and am therefore typing this very sentence. Seriously.

(15 minutes later, after looking at all the photos over and over again)…

So since I couldn’t come up with an order, I have decided to just start at the beginning, meaning the front of the car, and will work my way back. I can’t bring myself to bash the entire car, because I’m trying to be nice, but some stuff is just going to have to be pointed out. So that one of you that is not educated on such things won’t buy it without knowing some questions to ask. Yeah…that’s it!

So lets start with the fact that it is a very unfinished 1932 Ford that has a 3.0L Ferrari engine in it that can be twin turbocharged thanks to the two Turbonetics turbos hanging off the front of the car. It has no trans in it, but the ad says it comes with a Tremec T-56. We assume it’s in a box somewhere.

The engine is mounted, but only partially plumbed, as in only the headers are done. And since the black things in the grill shell are intercoolers rather than a radiator, and the radiator is said to be in the trunk, I’m not sure where the venting for that particular item will end up. Given that it has a lot of things left to be mounted to the entire car, let alone the front end, I’m fairly confident that the suspension will settle slightly but not enough to make up for the fact that it currently sits like a lifted 4×4 truck. So high in fact that the front suspension is probably into positive caster which will make it a riot on the road.

The chassis looks like it has been very cleanly sanded and painted, and perhaps fabricated okay, but it certainly doesn’t look to be enough for the suspension that is hanging out back and the perceived performance one would expect from a turbocharged Ferrari engine.

If there is an interior it is not mentioned in the ad. There is most certainly no steering column, pedals, or anything mechanical other than the engine and suspension. We’re not sure where or how $250,000 has been spent, but we are no Ferrari experts. The little research I did found a jillion Ferrari engines for sale for between $5,000 and $50,000 so I would have to think one like this is available for “reasonable” money.

The rear suspension is Corvette, and it’s okay, but the fiberglass leaf is still in it which will never work without it riding like ass and sitting like… well… like it does now.

In short I’m sure this thing needs ALL plumbing, wiring installed, interior, steering column, fuel system, pedals, brake system components, exhaust, cooling system, and more. You know, a couple weekends worth of work. LOL!!! The good news is, that if you take it home and finish it yourself, spending another $30k on parts and interior, you’ll have a cool 1932 Ford that will draw people’s attention and if done really really nice will be worth about $100k.

Here is the info from the seller:

$ 250,000


  • Year:1932
  • Location:West Hollywood CA United States
  • Address:8611 Melrose Ave ()
  • Gearbox:Manual
  • Fuel type:Petrol
  • Color:Red
  • Car type:Coupe
  • Drive:Lhd
  • Engine:8 Cylinder
  • Interior color:Red
  • Condition:Used


32 Ford chassis, boxed, stainless inserts

Independent rear suspension with 15 inches disc brakes and 4 piston calipers

Front drop axle with disc brakes hidden behind aluminum drum brakes

18 inches wheels designed by Alan Lee with Achilles Race Tires

32 Ford 3 windows fiberglass body painted with Vintage Flatz satin red

power windows

pop up doors

steel front grill with Mishimoto intercoolers

High capacity Aluminum radiator in the trunk

AEM infinity engine computer

American auto wire harness

Dakota Digital gauges

Full race roll cage

Bucket seat with 5 points harness

KW suspension race shocks

Engine Specification:

 1989 3 liters Ferrari V8 engine

8500 RPM

950 estimated horsepower

9.1 to 1 compression ratio

Twin Turbonetics Turbos

One off stainless steel  Hi Flow headers build by Alan Lee with Cone Engineering pre-bend tubing

6 speed Tremec manual transmission with race clutch

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2 thoughts on “$250,000 For An Unfinished Ferrari Powered Fiberglass 1932 Ford? I Don’t Think So. Check This Out.

  1. Tom P

    That thing was at the SEMA show looking the same. I’m not sure the reasoning behind it… or even if there was much reasoning at all.
    Someone asked if i’d seen the Ferrari powered four wheel drive Deuce Coupe… I told him it wasn’t four wheel… he didn’t believe me and went back to see again.

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