CL Find: Would You Buy A Decapitated 1987 IROC Camaro For $6,000?

CL Find: Would You Buy A Decapitated 1987 IROC Camaro For $6,000?

An admission. I owned (and loved) a 1988 IROC Camaro with a mildly breathed on TPI 350 at the tail end of high school and as a summer car while I was in college. Yes, it rattled like a Conestoga wagon and had all of the faults of a third generation Camaro but it was a bitchin’ car that handled pretty good, hauled enough ass to be fun, and even though it was 10 years old at the time, chicks dug it. Fact. I saw this CL ad pop up on my personal Facebook feed yesterday and immediately I did a double take. It looks like the whole top of the car was sheared off at first glance but then the other angles seem to indicate that the car rolled over or was pushed off a building onto its roof or something of that nature. The scary part is seeing how the t-topped roof held up to the impact which was basically like it was made of tin foil.

The downside is that the car is largely destroyed but the upside is that the thing only has 10,000 miles on it. The seller claims that the car runs and drives which immediately conjured images up of this guy driving around a smashed up car with his head poking through what used to be the roof and explaining to the police that everything was cool and they had nothing to worry about. Proving that sometimes it is simply hard to let go of stuff, the seller claims that the car was wrecked in 1992 and has sat in his garage since the wreck. We’re not sure what has driven him to sell it now but here it is.

So…is there $6,000 of value in this car somewhere? Can it be fixed by even the most expert of body guys? Is this a lost cause? What should the price be?

Thanks to Tommy K for the tip!


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25 thoughts on “CL Find: Would You Buy A Decapitated 1987 IROC Camaro For $6,000?

  1. Pontiacdragracer

    You would basically be buying a drivetrain.10K miles or not, it’s scrap metal as it is.

  2. 440 6Pac

    The only way I’d by a decapitated anything is for whatever parts I could get. But I don’t even open the hood of a Chevy for any reason so no I wouldn’t by a decapitated IROC.

  3. GB

    Nothin’ a little bondo, some JB Weld, sheet metal stock, pop rivets, & rattle cans won’t fix. Perfect for the Roadkill guys.

  4. Michael Massimino

    Ahh, memories of my youth (the Camaro, not the decapitation). Anyhow, that guy is smoking hash. Remember 15 years ago when everyone wanted to buy those wheels and put them on a truck? Those days are gone, and history hasn’t been kind to those 3rd gen Camaros. The engine is worth something I guess, but it’s fallen out of favor since the LS engines have hit the scene.

  5. Rich Hinsley

    I owned a black/silver highly optioned 87 IROC with a rebuilt 350 with TPI. I bought it on ebay after a couple margaritas on a Friday night. There was lots of bondo covering the rt quarter and someone cut some coils of the suspension so it rode like a tank. It had a electrical issue that would cause all of the electrical to cut out at freeway speeds or other dangerous times. I traded a Acura for it and recently bought a 09 Challenger R/T and don’t miss it anymore.

  6. Rick

    I agree with john. Having a body shop or rod shop restore this car would not be worth it.It would then be labeled with a rebuilt, on the title. Not good for resale.It would however make a great running gear for a rod because of all the unmolested parts and wiring.

  7. Dan Hay

    The price, in addition to keeping a wrecked car in the garage for 20+ years indicates mental instability, or alcoholism.

  8. Rich Hinsley

    The 700 R4 and TPI 350 is popular with the off road guys too, I’d say its worth $2k at the most.

  9. Frozen Monkey

    “no parting”, who does he think is going to buy the whole thing for 10k? IMO he’d be better off trying to part it out. I know at least one guy looking for a set of those wheels. The 700r4 would be a good unit for someone wanting to upgrade from a th350. The tpi motors are yesterday’s technology but there may be someone that would take a low mileage unit for their street rod project. The rest is ready to made into tin cans.

  10. Burnerj303

    6K is way to much. At >2k, I’d consider getting it and parting it out. The suspension and drivetrain are obvious, but the bumpers, rockers, lights and various other trim pieces look intact as well. I’d HAVE to drive it around like that a few times first though, could you imagine the looks you’d get.

  11. eli

    i saw this ad a couple days ago. i remember saying out loud to myself, “he’s out of his f’ing mind”. of course pretty much every time i look on craigslist i say that, just not out loud like this time. i say as is, 1500 bucks would be fair just because you could part out a few items and have a low mile 350/700r4 and scrap the car. if he was willing to pull it all apart and list everything he may scratch together 2500 after screwing with it for months.

  12. redneckjoe

    no way that cars worth that much. he’s looking for a sucker.

    i have an 87 t-top iroc, and after looking at his pics, i’m glad i just built a cage for it.:)

  13. John T

    jeez… brings back some really creepy memories…when I was 15, 2 guys from school drove past our place one night in a Triumph Spitfire they’d just bought – it had no windscreen, frame or roof. we yelled out to stop so we could check it out. Turns out they’d bought it about 10 minutes before for $300 and it ran perfectly….cos it was dark we didn’t notice a particular detail until it was pointed out to us… turns out the previous owner from our school too had rolled it – no rollbar, just a canvas roof…it looked like it had a big red stripe that started behind the drivers seat – which was the remains of the previous driver…the guy who bought it said he was going to leave it cos it looked ` cool ‘ Makes me shudder to think about it. They’d bought it off the grieving mother who couldn’t handle it sitting on her front lawn.

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