Would You Pay $225,000 For A Ford GT40 Clone?

Would You Pay $225,000 For A Ford GT40 Clone?

I’m not asking to bag on the people selling it, cause it might just be worth that kind of money, it’s just not worth that much to me. Mostly because it is so pretty that I would be afraid to do anything with it for fear of making it ugly like everything else I own. I have to say, this is probably the cleanest clone GT40 I’ve ever seen. It is REALLY REALLY nice. And I do love that it is 427 powered instead of having some little cute 302 Ford in it. That would suck. There are so many photos, and such good info on this thing, that I’m just going to drool over it and let you read. This is one bad ass ride that is for sure. But $225k worth of bad ass ride? You tell me.




Here is all the info from the seller:

1965 Ford GT40 ERA. ONLY 354 miles. Cobra 427, FE, Side Oiler, V-8 all Aluminum Block and Heads. Manual ZF Transmission. Car is in Pristine Condition. Paint Job is absolutely Flawless. Fit and Finish is Phenomenal. Street Legal. Air Condition. 1965 Ford California Registration. A quality re-creation of the original that beat Ferrari and finished in the top three positions in the grueling Le Mans 24 Hours in 1966. Please call 619-777-3659 for more information.

The GT40 was originally produced to win long-distance sports car races against Ferrari (who won at Le Mans six times in a row from 1960 to 1965). FORD/Shelby Chassis # P-1075, which won in 1968 and 1969, is the first car in Le Mans history to win the race more than once, with the same chassis. Using an American Ford V-8 engine originally of 4.7-litre displacement capacity (289 cubic inches). It was later enlarged to the 4.9-litre engine (302 cubic inches), with custom designed alloy Gurney-Weslake cylinder heads.

The car was named the GT (for Grand Touring) with the 40 representing its overall height of 40 inches (1.02 m, measured at the windshield) as required by the rules. Large displacement Ford V8 engines (4.2 litre, 4.7 litre and 7 litre) were used, compared with the Ferrari V12 which displaced 3.0 litres or 4.0 litres.

Early cars were simply named “Ford GT”. The name “GT40” was the name of Ford’s project to prepare the cars for the international endurance racing circuit, and the quest to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first 12 “prototype” vehicles carried serial numbers GT-101 through GT-112. The “production” began and the subsequent cars–the MkI, MkII, MkIII, and MkV (with the exception of the MkIV, which were numbered J1-J12)–were numbered GT40P/1000 through GT40P/1145, and thus officially “GT40s”. The name of Ford’s project, and the serial numbers dispel the story that “GT40” was “only a nickname.”

Please call 619-777-3659 for more information.

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9 thoughts on “Would You Pay $225,000 For A Ford GT40 Clone?

  1. keezling

    A great car, yes. A misleading description, I think so. Riding piggyback on the reputation of the original cars is shady at least. The racing pedigree should be stated as being about the ORIGIONAL cars, NOT simply about… If the seller is a check writer as opposed to a builder he might have spent that much. Does it make it worth that much? Again, he might call me nitpicker. I’d call him sleazy.

  2. jerry z

    Definitely riding the coattails of the new GT40. I’be seen nice examples for $100K less so greed is playing a big part in this sale.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I suspect this is a replica kit being sold by a total asshole who maybe owes money to his drug dealer or something. First of all no GT40s had those cute little nerf bars on the front, then the ride height looks a little to high. It COULD be a “continuation” GT40 though as produced by Superformance who also make that sublime Daytona Cobra for the modern times. I hope this is true as anyone who wants to rip fellow car enthusiasts off to that extent will no doubt pay for his crimes as this is a gross insult to The Gods Of Speed and they will be consigned to the 10th circle of hell where for all eternity sinners have to lick LS motors for sustenance!

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    ERA? That sounds like a replica builder to me – oh greedy one the 10th circle of hell awaits you!

    Or better still those Columbians you owe money to will have your balls on a plate by the time I’ve finished writing this…

    1. Whelk

      ERA was one of the bigger Cobra kit makers before Factory 5 came along. This is almost certainly one of their kits, probably from the 80’s or 90;’s.

  5. Loren

    By all appearances the builder did a nice job with whatever it is they had to work with…ZF transaxle, neat work everywhere you look, those 180* headers are soo right. But why only a handful of miles? The price, no…but this is still special stuff, not the standard crappy construction we see ridiculously priced all the time. I -am- lovin’ the car.

  6. Mont

    A kit and replica aren’t the same thing. An ERA replica is every much a GT40 as an original, and is considered one. I think you don’t know much about this market.

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