$150 Off From Ridetech For Your USCA Texas Race Entry This Weekend!

$150 Off From Ridetech For Your USCA Texas Race Entry This Weekend!

Everyone is getting in on the act for the Ultimate Street Car Association event this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. The gang from Ridetech is so committed to showing their stuff work on the street, and on the track, that they are offering a $150 discount to any Ridetech customer who registers for the event. That’s big savings. And don’t fret, if you happen to run suspension components or shocks from another company it’s no big deal because there are other discounts available as well. All the info is below straight from the guys at Ridetech.

Remember, we still need volunteers for the race as well, so please email [email protected] if you are interested in helping out.

BangShift’s Chad Reynolds will be on site filming the new Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Television Series as well, so you need to come out to get on tv.






We are half way through our two weeks of Texas Motor Speedway and the cops haven’t been called yet!. This Friday the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) event takes over Texas’s 24 degree 1.5 mile banked oval. This is the second event in the series inaugural year. After the fun everyone had at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, we can only imagine what will happen on the banks of Texas Motor Speedway. The Ultimate Street Car Association has issued a few special promotion for the Texas event. (see rules here)

1. If you refer a friend you will receive 50% off your registration when your friend signs up.

2. If you participated in the Goodguys’ event at the speedway last weekend or you are a RideTech customer then you are eligible for a $150 discount on your entry this weekend. Enter “GoodGuys-RideTech” on the comment line of your PayPal payment and USCA will refund the discount. 

3. Club or Shop? If you register 3 or more cars together you can take $100 off each registration.

When is the last time you have heard of a event offering deals like that?

All those deals plus the possibility of getting paid by us through the RideTech Nation program. You could drive away from Texas Motor Speedway with a heavier wallet or purse than you drove in with. Sounds like the perfect time to drive your car fast and learn how to make it faster!


For all you guys who have wondered about the performance of the new RideTech struts for the Mustangs and Gen 5 Camaros…The Lingenfelter L28 Camaro with Danny Popp driving will be running at Texas Motor Speedway this Friday-Sunday. It is equipped with RideTech Triple Adjustable TQ series struts and shocks.  We will also have a small display set up at the event if you want to come by to discuss your project. See #2 in the USCA post above for RideTech customer registration discount.

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3 thoughts on “$150 Off From Ridetech For Your USCA Texas Race Entry This Weekend!

  1. Buddy Buchanan

    Although I can’t make this event, how about working a deal for future events so us BangShifters can receive a discount also. I have attended a couple of these events in the past and they are a great experience. As far as I know Ride Tech hasn’t released anything for my 4th Gen Camaro, hell I run Ride Tech curb feelers if they had ’em for $150 off.

  2. modernbeat

    Vorshlag arranged a $100 off and $100 credit last week, and then arranged for SCCA members to get HALF off their registration costs this week.

  3. C Killion

    I was able to sneak out to watch some of the racing on Sunday. It was cold and windy while I was there but, it was the coolest thing I have seen in a very long time to watch them flog around the road course. Got lots of great pics.

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