Abandoned Race Track Project: Fixing & Starting FROZEN Equipment!

Abandoned Race Track Project: Fixing & Starting FROZEN Equipment!

So the abandoned race track rehab has been going on for almost a year now, and there was plenty of work going on even though the winter was rolling in. I didn’t share all those videos with you because I was behind myself, but there is a link below if you want to see some of the stuff going on just before the snow started and when the white stuff was everywhere. There are new videos coming now that the defrosted season has started, but here is the video from just when the spring thaw was ready to become reality so that things could happen on track.

And things are happening on track. Like big things. In fact there is another new video we’ll be sharing this week with all kinds of good news and some fun racing action. This place is going to be awesome and there are going to be ways for all of us to come have some fun there too!

I love this series of videos because I feel like if I had the money and the right opportunity I’d be the guy to buy something like this and bring it back to life. And while this track isn’t planned to be some huge public space like the Freedom Factory when it is all done, it is a place for folks to come race and have fun in a very “personal” environment. I’ve spoken with Brian about the track and can’t wait to come to see it sometime this year. This just looks like one hell of a fun family playground and a great place to hang with friends and relax. I have a feeling this is going to be the place where everyone brings their campers and hangs out for the weekend camping in this beautiful area while racing during the day.

Sound like fun to you too? Yeah, but it also takes a ton of actual work! Watch.

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