Power Move: Hotchkis To Attempt First Vertical Loop In A Muscle Car

Power Move: Hotchkis To Attempt First Vertical Loop In A Muscle Car

We genuinely like John Hochkis Jr. a lot. The guy has been around this industry for years and was among the first to embrace the very concept that cool old cars could handle and be fun to drive in other directions outside of a straight line, but we think he has finally lost it. Maybe it has been too much time at the Hotchkis East facility seeing all of the awesome fabrication and builds going on there or maybe just too many high G-loads in corners at road courses around the world. No matter the cause, Hotchkis has taken on the challenge of becoming the first man to complete a vertical loop in a muscle car.

You read that right.

Perhaps our biggest regret in this whole scenario is that we have not driven the E-Max 1970 Challenger yet and that is the car that will end up as a burning heap of yellow metal triumphantly carry Hochkis to this achievement today at 3:00 Pacific time. Other than wishing him the best of luck, we’re not sure what else we can do other than publicly lay claim to his CD collection. Best of luck buddy!


To prove its new APS adjustable shock absorbers and Total Vehicle System suspension provide incredible traction, Hotchkis Sport Suspension founder John Hotchkis Jr. will drive his famous “E-Max” 1970 Challenger T/A through a high-speed vertical loop, today at 3:00pm PDT.

  • John Hotchkis Jr. will attempt a vertical loop in the Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1970 Challenger.
  • If successful, this will be the first “pro-touring” muscle car to complete such a dangerous stunt.
  • Hotchkis’ pro racing credentials include competing at LeMans, Sebring, Daytona and more.

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (April, 2014) – Hotchkis Sport Suspension has gone above and beyond in the development of its new Hotchkis-Tuned Adjustable Performance Series Shock Absorbers and now they are putting them to the ultimate test of strength, durability, and traction by doing something that no Pro-Touring muscle car has ever done, let alone attempted. Hotchkis will push its famous E-Max Challenger T/A to the limit through a vertical loop five times the height of the car, proving once and for all that Hotchkis parts live up to the brands slogan – designed, built, punished.

Driving E-Max will be Hotchkis President John Hotchkis Jr., who is putting everything on the line to prove that Hotchkis builds the most hardcore muscle car parts available anywhere. “I have complete confidence that our E-Max Challenger will make it through the loop,” said Hotchkis. “Muscle cars have a reputation for being big heavy brutes only good for straight line drag racing. We’ve already proven that we can make them world beaters around corners in countless autocross and road course competitions, so since we’ve already beaten all of our competitors in two dimensions there was only one way left to go – straight up. This vertical loop will prove once again that Hotchkis stands alone.”

Both John and the E-Max Challenger are no strangers to life on the edge. John Hotchkis Jr. has raced professionally in events like the 24 Hours of LeMans, 12 Hours of Sebring, the Daytona 24 and in Trans Am. The E-Max Challenger has seen its fair share of competition as well ever since Hotchkis first introduced the car in 2009. Every year it logs thousands of autocross laps across the country, putting smiles on the faces of every passenger that gets the chance to ride shotgun.

To watch the Vertical Loop attempt, tune in to the Hotchkis Sport Suspension home page or visit the Hotchkis YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/hotchkis1) on Tuesday, April 1, at 3:00pm Pacific Time.

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    Cool Fool’s vid but is the E-max really gonna be released by Hot Wheels? gotta get me one of those!

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