RideTech Rolls Out Polished Body Hot Rod Shocks – Tuned And Designed For The Specific Needs Of Straight Axle Cars

RideTech Rolls Out Polished Body Hot Rod Shocks – Tuned And Designed For The Specific Needs Of Straight Axle Cars

We have said it about 40-bazillion times here on BangShift when speaking about suspension systems and the fact is that all shocks are not created equal. Just because something “fits” your car does not mean it is right for it, tuned for the application, or even close to the best choice. Of all the suspension companies out there, RideTech understands this and that is why they have spent so much time over the last few years working hard to develop product lines that serve the needs of different markets. This point brings us to the the new Polished Hot Rod Shocks from the company. This isn’t simply a shock that has been shined up to look cool on your deuce or ‘bucket. Nope, these shocks have been designed specifically for cars with straight axles to help make ride quality, control, and yes looks, a priority.

Working with companies like Fox Racing, Roy Brizio Street Rods, and Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, RideTech has a product that has been field tested to degrees that few other pieces in this portion of the market have been. The guys at Brizio’s and Johnson’s shop turn out some of the most magnificent looking and driving hot rods in the world. They were major partners along with FOX Racing in getting this shock tuned and working as it should with the engineers at RideTech. No, your ’32 Ford will not out corner an Enzo with a beam axle in the front of it because of these shocks but what it will do it ride way better, handle bumps, jounces, and weird terrain better, make you more confident at the wheel, and allow you to drive your car more. As the story below says, the previous options were a great looking shock that didn’t work and an awful looking shock that did. Because these are exposed parts on so many cars, the balance needed to be struck for a great looking and working piece. As usual, RideTech has delivered.


Shocks are the BRAINS of your suspension!
Nothing influences how your car rides and handles more than its shock absorbers. Straight axle equipped hot rods are in a realm of their own. They require an extremely short shock with specifically tuned compression and rebound dampening. In the past when searching for shocks the rodder has typically had to settle for a harsh ride with a good looking shock or an OK ride with a horrible looking shock. Most of these rodders end up replacing them after less than a year due to failure.
Why sacrifice the ride quality of your pride and joy by settling for a shock that makes your hot rod unsafe on a rough road? You have too much time and hard earned money invested to sacrifice the performance of your suspension. That’s why we now offer the only straight axle specific, mono-tube performance shock with a1,000,001 mile warranty. We designed this shock around our successful Q Series shock line.

  • Straight Axle specific
  • Custom preset compression and rebound valving
  • Shortened length to allow sufficient travel
  • Brilliant polished aluminum finish
  • Mono-Tube design for optimized performance and superior fluid control
  • Industry leading 1,000,001 Mile Warranty

None of this would be possible without the help of Roy Brizio Street RodsJohnson’s Hot Rod ShopFOX Racing and many others in our industry.

We are so confident of the performance and durability of our shocks we are offering a 1,000,001 mile warranty on all RideTech shocks.
Exposed Edition
#23339741 7.9″-11.2″ $180 Each
#23359741 9.3″-14.1″ $180 Each
Covered Edition
#23339641 7.9″-11.2″ $250 Each
#23359641 9.3″-14.1″ $250 Each

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