The Parting Shift: Ride Along In A G-Force Transmission Equipped 1966 Bel Air At Island Dragway

The Parting Shift: Ride Along In A G-Force Transmission Equipped 1966 Bel Air At Island Dragway

Here’s a pretty straight ahead and cool Parting Shift video. This one features a ride along with the driver of a 1966 Chevy Bel Air at Island Dragway in New Jersey. We don’t have a lot of details on the car other than the fact that it runs a 5-speed G-Force transmission and the kid driving can hammer the gears pretty well. It isn’t the fastest thing around as the car runs mid-12s but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Whatever the engine is, the dude isn’t interested in pulling big revs with it as he seems to be making his shifts somewhere around 5,000 RPM if our “ear tach” is calibrated correctly. Mild big block or small block build to make as much torque as possible? Because he uses all five cogs in the span of this quarter mile run, we think that the car probably has some pretty steep gears in it. That gearing helps to get the big girl moving.

We dig this video because the car is what we’d consider something any BangShifter could own. It isn’t a 10,000 RPM competition eliminator machine or some type of hyper expensive vintage road racer, this is a mid-12 second car that the dude probably built himself with a bad ass transmission that looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys to knock through the shifting sequence. What’s better than that?


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9 thoughts on “The Parting Shift: Ride Along In A G-Force Transmission Equipped 1966 Bel Air At Island Dragway

  1. jerry z

    I miss racing at Island. Raced there on and off from 1980 till 2011. Now in NC hoping to check out the new Dunn/Benson (now Galot) this summer.

  2. Dan Moore

    Brian, I’d say your “ear tach” is about right. Or at least mine is calibrated the same. Guessing mild Big Block, shifted at around 5K, 4.88 gears. Could be wrong though. What makes it cooler for me, is right after watching the Vid twice, now I can hear somebody in my area hot-rodding around in an old Mopar big-block car, sounds like a 440 automatic. Shifting at about the same 5K. Takes me back to the days when you could hear 4-barrels open and throaty dual exhaust day and night… The late 60’s & early 70’s were so cool…

  3. MoparPete

    I am guessing he is going “easy” on the engine because it is also a driver and fragging the engine would have him walking. All in all a great video of the row your own kind. Good job! Real cars have 3 pedals

  4. Bye-Run

    This reminds me (again) that I really really wanna get my bucket-o-bolts bracket racer back onto the strip, and give the awfulmatic boys some trouble.

    I have a ’68 340-S Barracuda 340-S / 4-speed that has run deep into the 11s @ 118+ mph. The gearbox is a Liberty Gears aluminum-magnesium-nickel main case + Direct Connection aluminum extension housing w/ Pro-Shifted™ hemi internals.

    Bryan, aka “Bye-Run”

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