RACE PHOTOS: NMCA West Racers Attack Fontana’s California Speedway

RACE PHOTOS: NMCA West Racers Attack Fontana’s California Speedway

(Photos by Cole Reynolds) Since Cole wasn’t racing at this event, he managed to grab a few photos from the NMCA West AutoX Series at Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway, aka California Speedway. The NMCA West AutoX series, presented by the Racing Byrds, is an event we love attending. There is always a great mix of old and new machines, and everyone is out having fun trying to beat friends and fellow competitors alike. This last event even had BANGshifter extraordinaire Dannie Pinard taking home the win in the Sports Car class. His C6 Corvette is pretty bad ass with simple bolt ons.

One of the coolest things about these events is the size of the tracks. You have enough room to have some fun going fast, in fact some competitors cars require a shift into third gear on some courses, and all the courses are laid out to mimic a famous road course. With elevation changes and both low and high speed technical sections, this is an event you don’t want to miss. And everyone is welcome! Fast, slow, old, new, there are no restrictions as long as your car has the required street and safety gear and you have a helmet. Nothing fancy, just the normal stuff. You don’t need a roll cage, or roll bar, or harnesses.

What might be the best thing about the NMCA West AutoX is the awards and the fun. Every day is a new set of winners, and every day has special recognition awards being given out too! Cole happened to pull of a Win in Pro Truck this particular weekend, running Pat Sheely’s Ranchero they call Bacon. He was pretty busy racing, so there aren’t as many photos as usual, but we can’t blame him. We’d be racing too!

Check out all the photos below and click any photo to see it larger or to scroll through them all in a slideshow.


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4 thoughts on “RACE PHOTOS: NMCA West Racers Attack Fontana’s California Speedway

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What a great header photo – at first glance I thought it was some weird over the top (literally!) aero package on that early Camaro!

  2. Chad

    Great pics Cole! Char, your intro says Cole didn’t race but the second to last paragraph says e took home the Truck also win which I think was the prior event?

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