The Biggest Peterbilt 389 Conventional Ever? This Sucker Is A Bad Ass!

The Biggest Peterbilt 389 Conventional Ever? This Sucker Is A Bad Ass!

With a 192 inch sleeper, this Conventional Peterbilt 389 is a HUGE bastard but man it is awesome. And thanks to a CAT X15 under the hood, which features more than 600 horsepower and 2000 lb ft of torque, it will have no problem pulling the all aluminum step deck trailer owners Chris and Ruth Smith use to haul jet airplane engines all around the country. There is no doubt that this truck is meant to haul a big load and to do so with all the comforts of home. It has to be a comfortable spot to relax in when it is your turn to be out of the driver’s seat. This thing is close to being more toterhome than heavy duty rig. The customization, fit, and finish on this one rivals any RV and it sure is cool to see.

This video from Elegance on 18 Wheels Magazine shows us around this beast and gives a sense of the how and why that it was built after the interview with the owners and builder. Parking something this huge can’t be easy, but we bet it goes down the open road like none other. In yellow, this thing has to be a site to see from miles away. Combine it with all the chrome and this thing will seer its image into your brain for sure.

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7 thoughts on “The Biggest Peterbilt 389 Conventional Ever? This Sucker Is A Bad Ass!

  1. Pontiac drag racer

    How do they negotiate turns with that thing even without a trailer? Must be a highway only kind of truck. I can’t see turning with a trailer in the confines of a normal city street.

    1. Tiresmoke

      Chad, that would be a Cummins X15…Caterpillar got out of the Class 8 truck engine market prior to the release of the 389. These Petes with ICT sleepers are common with owner/operators toting jet engines and tanks leased to Southern Pride and Landstar/Inway…

  2. Leader

    Lots of issues with these trucks. This writer seems to think that it\’s \”bad __s\”, but doesn\’t understand the breakdowns that these huge sleeper trucks have. There is constant maintenance, and with a X15 cat engine???? Lots of DEF problems, not to mention other problems that these trucks have. I have a few friends who own these type of trucks. One of them has a 202\” sleeper. Yes, it does take awhile to turn one around. And they are a pain to park. I\’ll take a good used truck with a 72\” sleeper. But best wishes to those who own these trucks. I\’m glad that God is blessing them. Good for them. Just not my taste.

  3. Greg

    All the money spent on the truck and they cheap out on the CB antennas? And bullhorning the antennas reduces performance of a CB, that went out of style 15 years ago.

  4. Derrell

    I’m glad I didn’t have to write the check for that beast, let alone the upkeep. But that’s all a write off.

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