Riley Stair Might Have Built The Baddest Trans Am Ever And We Love Him For It

Riley Stair Might Have Built The Baddest Trans Am Ever And We Love Him For It

This 700 horsepower, 10,000 rpm Pontiac is THE car that virtually broke the internet when it was debuted at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November. There wasn’t a single moment of the show that didn’t have dozens of people clamoring to get a good look at it, and with good reason. There isn’t anything on this car that isn’t worth taking a closer look at and that is even more impressive when you realize that Riley built the whole thing himself. The cage work, body mods, stance, and attitude of this particular Pontiac Trans Am are full of attitude and that’s why people can’t walk by it without taking a second and third look.

The details under the hood, like the impressive headers and exhaust, are what immediately crab your attention, but the fact that it sits so low, on such great wheels, and is such an understatement in white, makes this thing seem so much nastier than perhaps any white Trans Am ever. We can only tell you that it is as impressive in person as it is in this video from the Hoonigan crew, and encourage to you take a look at it any chance you get.

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15 thoughts on “Riley Stair Might Have Built The Baddest Trans Am Ever And We Love Him For It

  1. CoffeeJoe

    That guy is about as humble as you can get. He made an extraordinary beast and is so down to earth and humble about it…..I mean he says “Thank you” after every compliment!

  2. KCR

    Its great that he did that kind of work under a car port. My only issue is the spaghetti looking stainless hoses.I know its all a pain in the ass when you have that much to run. He did such a great job on the entire vehicle. Open the hood and Roman noodles everywhere . Still all in all. and outstanding build.And all done outside .That makes it much better. So no one can bitch ” I don’t have anyplace to work on it”.

  3. david kluttz

    I am impressed with any finished project of that size but that tangle of hoses under the engine would not last ten minutes on track–so, one heck of a show pony

  4. Todd

    Did you have to cut out the door for the exhaust? No moron, all Pontiac Trans Am doors are already like that, Duh!

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