Big News: Speedway Motors Steps Up To Create The 2015 Speedway Motors CAM Challenge Powered By SCCA

Big News: Speedway Motors Steps Up To Create The 2015 Speedway Motors CAM Challenge Powered By SCCA

We have been huge cheerleaders for the Classic American Muscle class developed by the SCCA for their autocross competitions across the country. The idea of giving guys with classic pro touring cars more places to get out and race, to use those awesome handling parts that they have installed, and to get hooked on competition is one that we’ll forever stand behind and now another big name has done the same thing. That name? Speedway Motors. You know Speedway as the company that has literally everything you could ever imagine for whatever car you could imagine building so it only makes sense that the company would want to help supercharger the already exciting CAM growth that has been happening across the country.

For 2015 the Speedway Motors CAM Challenge will consist of three events. The first is the SCCA western regional event in San Francisco, the second is the eastern regional event at Indy and the third is the Invitational Championship in Lincoln, Nebraska. Now, at the first two events the top two finishers in each class earn invites to the national championship event in Nebraska. That’s pretty cool but not all of it. The top finishing drivers in CAM-T or CAM-S at each of the three events (San Fran, Indy, and Nebraska) will get invites to race at the Goodguys Autocros finals in Arizona which take place November 20 and 21. This is an awesome tie-in that finally starts to bring the entire community together and really unite everyone into a national championship autocross format for these cars. We predict big things from this program, especially with the link between SCCA and Goodguys. It really creates a kind of super bowl game scenario where “outsiders” from each world will collide in November. This is going to rule. Big props to Speedway Motors for championing this idea!


Speedway Motors Announces 2015 Classic American Muscle Challenge

Speedway Motors is building on the success of the new SCCA® Classic American Muscle (CAM) class to introduce the 2015 Speedway Motors CAM Challenge.

The 2015 Speedway Motors CAM Challenge will consist of three autocross events across the country, kicking off with a western regional event March 6-8 at Crows Landing near San Francisco. This will be followed by an eastern regional August 7-9 at Grissom Air Force Base near Indianapolis, and then the Invitational Championship event September 4-6 at the Tire Rack SCCA Solo® National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Each CAM Challenge event will run the three SCCA CAM classes, with the first two events using the SCCA Match Tour format to determine class winners and an overall winner. The top two drivers in each class at the regional events will earn invitations to the Championship in Lincoln, which will use the SCCA Pro-Solo® format to determine class and overall champions. The top finishing CAM-T or CAM-S drivers at each of the three events will get invitations to compete at the Goodguys AutoCross Finals November 20-21 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The SCCA CAM classes are designed for both traditional and contemporary American muscle car sedans and coupes with front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configurations, along with classic American sports cars from the ’60s and ’70s. Cars must be street legal, licensed and insured, have interiors, and use 200 tread wear street tires. There are no restrictions on engines and drivetrains.

“We are pleased that Speedway Motors has decided to create the CAM Challenge specifically designed for muscle cars and that these exciting events will be powered by the SCCA’s rules and administration,” said Raleigh Boreen, SCCA Region Development Manager. “SCCA also provides CAM enthusiasts opportunities to autocross locally at over 1000 Solo events nationwide.”

Speedway Motors President Clay Smith echoed Boreen’s enthusiasm. “It’s exciting for Speedway Motors to present the 2015 CAM Challenge,” Smith said. “These events align perfectly with Speedway’s longtime commitment to racing safety, our involvement in autocross competition, and our expanding line of muscle car performance parts. We look forward to working with SCCA to stage this focused series of special events.”

For more information on Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®, visit or call 800.979.0122.  For information on SCCA, visit

Speedway Motors 2015 CAM Challenge

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