Butt Splice Like A Boss With This Tech Tip From Our Pals At II Much Fabrication

Butt Splice Like A Boss With This Tech Tip From Our Pals At II Much Fabrication

Chances are, if you’re a driveway or home hot rodder then electrical butt splice connectors are part of your wiring program. We know some of you really talented guys out there are rolling your eyes with the mere mention of these things but hey, the majority of us weekend warriors are using them when installing or repairing electrical components on our projects. In a pinch, the things are pure magic and have saved many a guy at the side of the road. The guys at II Much Fabrication took the time to do a pretty straight ahead and cool post on their blog about how to use these style of connectors the right way and really end up with a great electrical connection as well as a very pro looking union, to boot.

Yes, the guys at II Much Fabrication are known for making the world’s most billy-bad ass fuel and axel vents but they are also hot rodders that work on their own stuff, build cars, and do lots more than just preach the gospel of proper fuel system venting. Hell, the company was named after a car that John Parsons and John Ulaszek wrenched on and brought into this world. Long story short, these guys love cars and they especially love building them. So let’s get back to the issue at hand here, butt connectors and the best way to use them for a professional looking and great working electrical connection.

The photos below illustrates the way that the majority of butt connectors you’ll see at a car show look. The thing is mashed to pieces, there’s no way of truly knowing that good contact has been established, and if you live outside of the Southwest, that thing is going to start to corrode and get wonky almost instantly. The setup on the bottom is the brutally simple and way more professional way that the II Much guys do their stuff with. It takes as much time as the other way, it may actually be cheaper, and you end up with an electrical system that looks professionally done as opposed as one that looks as though it were done in 15 minutes between pizza deliveries in the parking lot of the local chain auto parts store.

We’re not going to steal the boys thunder on this one, so we want you to read the story over on their site.

Click here and learn how to butt splice like a boss with II Much Fabrication






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6 thoughts on “Butt Splice Like A Boss With This Tech Tip From Our Pals At II Much Fabrication

  1. Sumgai

    Why not just do it right, and solder the connection? Sure it takes a little longer but you don’t risk wires pulling out of butt splices and starting a fire.

  2. cyclone03

    Over the last 30+ years I’ve been properly “butt splicing” USAF electrical systems together and Sumgai believe it or not solder can be as bad or depending on the area worse than butt splicing. The solder creates a stress point in the wire and can break quickly if the connection is allowed to bend even a small amount.
    Some of the latest splices are Rychems and what we call environmental splices they incorporate a crimp section covered with a hard plastic heat shrink sleeve. The biggest “trick” is getting good splices and proper crimpers. Proper crimpers crimp the striped wire and the unstripped insulation (less than the wire) this creates a strain relief and is very reliable although its not protected from the weather without some type of covering.

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