The Cadillac Celestiq Is The Big Electric Luxury Sedan The Brand Needs….But What About The Styling?

The Cadillac Celestiq Is The Big Electric Luxury Sedan The Brand Needs….But What About The Styling?

(By Tom Lohnes) – Cadillac is doing a great job staying relevant nowadays, with the luxurious Escalade, affordable XT4, and fast V-series cars, but one thing they are certainly lacking from their lineup is an EV. Well, the Lyriq crossover is coming next year, but is there anything in store for an electric twist on Cadillac’s classic full-size sedan?

Keeping the “iq” on the end of the names going, the Cadillac Celestiq takes the already large CT6, stretches it some more, and puts a battery and a few motors underneath. Outside, the Celestiq, at least in renders and spyshots, is no looker. Keeping the massive fake grille of the Lyriq and adding more sleek styling, the Celestiq is decent from the front, but it all falls apart on the side view. There, on the rear quarter panels, a rather odd design choice has taken place. The tail light has stretched itself about ¾ way into the panel, giving a distinctive but controversial look. Inside, the Celestiq, you will find the rich leathers, real wood, and comfortable massaging seats Cadillac is known for, as well. as the 38-inch OLED display from the Escalade land-barge. Power stats are all but confirmed, but expect a high-power V variant to go up against. the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S Plaid.

So, the Celestiq is still a while away, but the reveal should take place this summer, and production should be by 2024 at the latest.

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8 thoughts on “The Cadillac Celestiq Is The Big Electric Luxury Sedan The Brand Needs….But What About The Styling?

  1. Labweiler

    Don’t like the looks. 38″ OLED screen is absolutely stupid. How much does it cost to replace when it starts dropping pixels, flakes out or dies? Yeah thought so.

  2. Matt Cramer

    Whenever you see “rendering”, read it as “Bad Photoshop job by someone who hasn’t seen the actual car”. Now, if there are spy photos with those goofy taillights, they might need to be taken more seriously… or might just be a bit of misdirection.

  3. DG30

    My gawd, yet another horrible looking new car. I wonder in the future people will look back at these car designs we have now much like the disco era.

    What the hell were people thinking wearing those clothes and jamming that music? Drugs man, lots of them….

  4. Robert

    That first pic is a Camaro nose on a big sedan. Not as horrible as some new cars but I am not in their marketplace for one anyway!

  5. Maxwell Smart

    They just can’t get away from the Avalanche can they. GM is majorly fockt. The whole organization needs an enema.

  6. Hoffman

    Much like so many new cars……..just really busy, totally incoherent, random weird, intersecting, unrelated ‘styling’ queues. It’s something akin to people who want to shave half their head, do one side green, one side purple, multiple piercings, tattoo their forehead…….and pretend they can’t understand why people give them horrified looks. “Dig me, I’m different”. Yeah……


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