Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of The Ford GT With This Awesome Video From CrankAndPiston.com!

Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of The Ford GT With This Awesome Video From CrankAndPiston.com!

April 17th is the Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday, but I’d like to take a few minutes to enjoy the 10th birthday of the pony car’s younger sibling, the Ford GT, courtesy of this video clip from CrankAndPiston.com.

Much as I’ve been going on about LS swaps the past few weeks, I really do love the sound of a supercharged modular Ford, as there’s nothing quite like that whine followed by the deep throaty roar of the exhaust. The Terminator Cobras with their Eaton-blown 4.6L V8s were not to be messed with, but Ford pulled out all of the stops when they began selling the Ford GT in 2004 (As a 2005 model year), both in regards to power and design.

With 550 horsepower  and 500 foot-pounds of torque on tap courtesy of the 5.4L supercharged V8 and the to-die-for looks inspired by the GT40, the Ford GT really was the best of the best Halo Car offering that any of the Big Three offered in that time period. Sure, the Corvette z06 was cheaper, but it was down almost 150 horsepower from the GT and the C5 chassis felt cheap in regards to fitment and finish of the exterior and interior. Meanwhile, the Dodge Viper was, and still is, male “size compensation” in vehicle form, 500 horsepower and all.

So, while the Corvette was a bang for the buck with stereotypical American “quality” and the Viper was a rolling advertisement to female passengers that they were in for a disappointing night, the Ford GT was America’s only real super car of that generation.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Ford GT.



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2 thoughts on “Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of The Ford GT With This Awesome Video From CrankAndPiston.com!

  1. cyclone03

    I have a friend at the local Ford house he could sell me a GT for less than list in 2006. I was doing the math, if somehow I could finance it for 15 year I could afford it.

    The sad thing is the cars are worth more in parts than as a whole.

    IMHO the most ballsy car a US manufacture has put on the road since the 427SC Cobra.

  2. GuitarSlinger

    Ford’s first bad was not creating a road going version of the GT40 back in the day .. which they then finally rectified many years later with the Ford GT .

    Ford’s second … and perhaps even worse bad being them not continuing on with and developing/evolving the Ford GT to the present especially in light of the car winning EU GT races way beyond its production being cancelled

    Americas only TRUE sports car of late and the one American car since the Shelby’s of old that could make Ferrari , AudiGhini and Porsche owners quake with fear on the road or track . Not to mention making the Vette look like the ” Great Pretender ” that it is . The Ford GT . A legend begging for a future . Let slip thru the cracks by the Bean Counters at Ford .

    Shame on you Ford !

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