Watch This 427FE Powered ‘Stang Destroy The Field At A Road Race

Watch This 427FE Powered ‘Stang Destroy The Field At A Road Race

The Mustang was an incredibly important car, not just for Ford but for the entire aftermarket performance industry…twice. In the 1960s it was a widely used platform for all kinds of racing  and that lasted into the 1970s. Let’s face it, the Mustang II sucked but it was the car Ford needed at the time and then the second Mustang revolution began in the 1980s and honestly continues today. The Fox platform cars and the 5.0L small block were such an amazingly huge entity in an unto themselves that whole companies were born or more importantly saved by the cottage industry that grew up around those cars alone. We’re not anti-Mustang guys here (maybe Chad is). I, like many of you have owned one in my past and may own another in the future. Long story short, congrats Ford and Mustang fans….today is your day!

All that being said, we’re not going to run some retrospective on all the Mustangs or which ones were the coolest. Instead we are going to run the video below which shows a Holman and Moody 427 FE powered Mustang absolutely laying waste to the field during the vintage road races up in Portland, Oregon. This car sounds flippin’ amazing, the driver can steer the wheels off of it, and it is faster than 14-mo fos. The car is brutal and even a Corvette or three cannot get around it. Normally we’re talking about big block Mustangs on the drag strip, not the road course but this is an exception that we happily ran into. We’re neanderthal men around here so the bigger the motor and the more brutal the power, we’re in. This car has it all in spades. From the sounds to the performance and the endurance to get it done.

Press play below to celebrate the Mustang’s birthday by watching 427 powered one hammer a field at the vintage road races –

(skip to 4:00 to avoid the pace laps…they are boring)

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