A Classic Camaro Hit This Camry And The Camry Exploded Like It Was In A Jerry Bruckheimer Movie

A Classic Camaro Hit This Camry And The Camry Exploded Like It Was In A Jerry Bruckheimer Movie

We’ve been trying to dig up more photos and information on this crash that happened the other day in Kentucky but at this point we’re coming up empty handed. Basically the story is that a classic late 1960s Camaro hit this 1990s era Toyota Camry as it was turning. Judging by the photos of the Camaro, it was a pretty good shot. Judging by the photo of the Camry, the Camaro had a nuclear warhead in its nose. Seriously, the Camry looks like it was packed full of plastic explosive and lit off in some drunken urge to see something completely destroyed. The Camaro may be totaled but it doesn’t look a damned sight as bad as the Camry. The nose is all bashed in but other than that, it seems OK.

From what we have been able to dig up, hunt down, and see the three people riding in the Camry are all OK. We have no idea how that is possible but they are. We wish the photos were larger or that there were some other photos to reference but these shots, which look like they came from a cell phone are the best thing we could find. We could not find any reports of the Camaro folks being hurt, so we’re guessing that they made it through unscathed (or as unscathed as possible aside from the banged up car).

There’s not much else to say other than, THEY LIVED?

Thanks to Eddie Howard for the tip.


Picture 2 Picture 3


CLICK HERE to see photos of the Camaro that obliterated the Camry

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23 thoughts on “A Classic Camaro Hit This Camry And The Camry Exploded Like It Was In A Jerry Bruckheimer Movie

  1. Bryan McTaggart

    Camaro’s cage/frame builder better win a freakin’ medal. That’s unreal.

    1. John T

      cage builder??? Are we looking at the same photos? Its just a convertible Camaro, no cage…staggering it survived but lets face it it’d be cactus. No way that’d ever get rebuilt.

  2. Chevy Hatin Mad Geordie

    What you’re really seeing is the latest in anti-Chevy IEDs. Cunningly disguised as a Camry, this one was lying in wait to attack the first Chevy that passed. This is the same guy that put together the truck/barbecue/bomb device recently – he’s moved onto making cars – pity he underestimated the amount of explosive needed – better luck next time mate!

    By the way it’s a good job I’m in Geordieland and not the US of A as Homeland Security would be stakin’ out my ass now – but what the hell – one Chevy less ain’t no bad thing!

  3. Friv 250

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    1. John T

      the what now?? I’m assuming English is your second language but sorry, your post is just a random collection of words that make virtually no sense.

  4. TheSilverBuick

    When my ’69 Firebird broadsided a 3/4 ton Dodge truck at nearly 50mph (the Dodge ran a red light), my Firebird looked just like that Camaro, stopped at the engine block, and the 3/4 ton Dodge fared better than the Camry, but it was pretty tore up too.

  5. 440 6pac

    Hope no one was hurt to bad. Glad to see tow more plies of crap off the road though.

    1. Larry

      I bet the camaro will be back on the road. Funny to see a mopar fan call a GM a pile of crap considering most mopars used the same uni body design as a Vega, pinto and that Camry that exploded on impact.

  6. Matt Cramer

    That smash in the windshield on the Camaro is about the right size and shape to be someone’s head. Not good.

  7. C1BAD66

    Could the Camry’s disintegration be the result of welding usable halves of two wrecked cars together to make one car?

    I remember seeing a story on the tube about schlock repair shops doing that.

    1. Tubbed Pacecar

      C1BAd: That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the pic…..too may back alley “rebuilders” out there “clipping” cars using inappropriate methods, and no skills/formal training = bad results.

      Bloody miracle there were no fatalities!!

    2. Carl

      Welding two good halves together (known as clipping) is NOT a “schlock” repair. It’s an ICAR certified procedure, and actually the preferred method over welding together a bunch of individual pieces.

      1. Nitromike66

        As long as it was done CORRECTLY, yes it is an acceptable repair method. The problem is when some backyard hayseed with a Harbor Freight mig welder or an acetylene torch and a coat hanger, hacks it together with butt welds.

        1. Mike

          100% agree. I have done many I-CAR clip jobs, but this is clearly the result of a hack job.

      2. B.Davis

        I’ve been I-Car gold certified many years and don’t recall any info ever regarding clipping from ICar or any manufacturers,

  8. Monk

    Not surprised about the condition of the Camry.
    Cars have so much plastic in ’em today…….you have to go
    to a Tupperware party for parts.

    Glad no one was injured.

  9. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    Back in 1977 I was driving a 69 Chevelle and had a Chevette try to make a left turn in front of me. I was probably running about 45 at the moment, locked all 4 wheels, but nailed him just behind the passenger side door. Impact picked up the Chevette( no tire marks on the pavement) and spun it 180. Chevette was bent so bad even on the DRIVERS side that both occupants had to climb out the busted passenger side window. If I had hit the car 2 feet further forward and on the door, likely would have killed the passenger.

    My Chevelle? 1 broken headlight, lost the chrome trim around the headlights, slight bend in the front bumper and a small wrinkle on the headlight “eye brow” all on the right front corner. Even the cops that came couldn’t believe the difference in the damage.His insurance cut me a check for $375 for repairs, but the Chevette was obvious a total.

  10. Sarah

    I live in the city where the wreck happened. No one was seriously hurt and there was only one guy in the Camry. Two guys in the Camaro. Not trying to be rude but maybe you might want to get all the details before you post something publicly.

    1. tiffOBKYgirl

      Thank you! A friend spoke to the guys in the camaro, they were beat up pretty bad. Everyone was very lucky to have walked away from this.

  11. Dave

    This is pure speculation, but perhaps the Camaro knocked the Camry into the concrete wall in the picture, which is what actually cleved the Camry in half.

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