Cone Carving And Asphalt Melting Autocross Action From Goodguys Columbus 2014 – Killer Photos

Cone Carving And Asphalt Melting Autocross Action From Goodguys Columbus 2014 – Killer Photos

(Photos by Suzy Bauter) – Every year, the autocross at the Goodguys Columbus Nationals is a literal barn burner. This particular event is ratcheted up like 20 notches because it is where the Goodguys sponsor shootout happens and everyone like our pals at RideTech, TCI, and numerous other companies show up with their knives sharpened and their engines tuned for max performance around what is an always challenging course. This year was no exception and thanks to RideTech and Suzy Bauter we have some great photos showing the cars that you love hammering the course and dodging the cones. What’s funny is that as I was heading north from the ECTA meet in Wilmington, Ohio (about an hour south of Columbus) I saw a ton of the autocross cars heading the opposite direction home after a weekend at the track. My wife got annoyed after the fifth, “Ohhh look at that!” I blurted out so now I can enjoy the cars as they should be which is in their natural habitat of competition.

What many people don’t know is just how instrumental RideTech was in getting the Goodguys organization to look at and consider autocross as a great addition to their shows. Bret Voelkel was really one of the guys leading the charge on that front and the result is a thriving series that crisscrosses the country and brings out the best pro touring cars, as well as hundreds and hundreds of “regular Joe” competitors to beat on their stuff and discover that driving is the ultimate pleasure in this game, not scoring the primo lawn chair spot.

We dig these cars, especially the Buick that you will see below and all the rest of them. Anything that can make your organs shift inside your body is 100% BangShift approved no matter the body style of engine!


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