Corner Horse: Ride Along With This Ford Pinto In An IMSA RS/SCCA 2.5L Challenge Race!

Corner Horse: Ride Along With This Ford Pinto In An IMSA RS/SCCA 2.5L Challenge Race!

Ford Pintos always seemed to get the bum rap. Ford’s entry into the subcompact market was met with fanfare initially, was the subject of a recall, then a very messy P.R. nightmare and lots of litigation, then was dumped in favor of the Ford Escort. That’s a hell of a life to have led for a car that was supposed to simply be an American challenger to the Volkswagen Beetle’s growing influence and Japanese intrusion into the American marketplace. Were they good cars?  You tell me, those who are older, because the ones I’ve had experience with were clapped out to the max and if they ran at all, the shoestring and the prayer were working more than the mechanicals were.

One very decent part of the Pinto program was the 2.3L four-cylinder engine. A very competent, basic design, the 2.3 responds very well to hot-rodding techniques so long as you keep the engine in a lighter, smaller chassis. And they could handle, too! The Pinto’s racing prowess was proven when Car and Driver built one back in 1974 and took it racing in IMSA, where even with a 200-pound penalty for the 2.3L four, the magazine types found the Pinto to be a wicked little cornering machine when properly set up.

Need any more proof? Then climb on-board with Brian Walsh and his 1971 Pinto as it rips around Summit Point during a meet-up between SCCA 2.5 Challenge and IMSA RS cars! The little Ford is a howler!

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3 thoughts on “Corner Horse: Ride Along With This Ford Pinto In An IMSA RS/SCCA 2.5L Challenge Race!

  1. Gary

    I had two Pintos back in the day, they were awesome little cars for the era. My first, a ’72 2.0, had a Sig Erson Cam, headers, Mallory ignition, and mildly ported head. While my dad was beating his head against the wall running his SS/D hemi 4-speed GTX, I was winning bracket eliminator every week. Don’t even try and tell me he was having more fun. My Pinto would run under the national record for it’s stock class, but of course, it wouldn’t be quite legal with the cam and porting. But the national record holder did call the same track we were running at home also. When he saw what I ran with my car I had driven to the track, with stock 3:19 gears in an open rear end, and street tires, we never saw him again…

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Then just after the shooting stops its hit up the ass by another car and – BLAMMO! – it goes up in flames cremating the poor driver..

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