Cyclekarts: This Could Be The Coolest Motorsport We’ve Never Heard Of – Cheap, Neat, Fun!

Cyclekarts: This Could Be The Coolest Motorsport We’ve Never Heard Of – Cheap, Neat, Fun!

We like to think that we know all the stuff around here and then we see videos like the one our pal Bobby J tipped us off to and we remember that we actually don’t know a damned thing about a damned thing. If you have heard of cyclekarts than we’re sorry for being behind the curve but we totally missed the memo on the fact that there’s small community of guys across the country building small versions of vintage Grand Prix cars from racing’s golden era and having fun with them.

The formula seems to be pretty simple. Get inspired by an ancient race car, build a little version of it, jam a small single cylinder engine in the thing, get some bearings, sprockets, and a clutch and have fun. They run motorcycle tires on wire wheels, guessing a singular band brake, and basic steering.

It seems that these creations can make about 40mph on a sunny day and while the majority of the time the cars are spread across the Earth (literally) once a year they all get together in a small eastern Washington town and race for fun. That’s where this video was made. Cyclekarts could be the coolest motorsport that we’ve never heard of.

So good.

Press play below to see this video on cyclekarts – neat, a little weird, cool!

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8 thoughts on “Cyclekarts: This Could Be The Coolest Motorsport We’ve Never Heard Of – Cheap, Neat, Fun!

    1. Kelly Wood

      Well, come on then! However, you don\’t turbo anything.

      We all use the same engine. 🙂

      (the guy in the Blue 99 car)

      1. Chris Brown

        Except one of our lot in GB is planning on supercharging a GX140, just for the fun of it! He\’ll use a GX200 when he\’s with the rest of us and not playing with that one.

  1. Gavin

    GAAA!!! This is awesome! After I finish my “fullsize resto”, (if I live long enough), I want to build one of these. What a great group of enthusiasts! Thanks so much for this story!

  2. Brian Woods

    Yes, the word is spreading, Anyone who sees that video and doesn\’t come away with thoughts of joining the FUN … just not into old cars!
    And the movement is spreading! We had two major events here in Canada this year, including the first Canadian Grand Prix held in Westbank B.C.
    With at least 3 or 4 more events planned for 2020. Our B.C. CycleKart Chapter has grown to over 20 members!
    Feel free to join the FUN!
    Brian Woods

  3. David Dupaquier

    Cletus nails it with that title. More fun rhan it even looks!
    Take a few months and buid one. That full size resto will still be there when you get back.

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