Craigslist Find: 1978 Plymouth Richard Petty Kit Car Goodness – This Thing Is Amazing

Craigslist Find: 1978 Plymouth Richard Petty Kit Car Goodness – This Thing Is Amazing

The late 1970s were dark days for performance cars. There were small groups of engineers and people inside the monolithic car companies trying to keep the spirit of going fast alive but they were the vast minority. With domestic automakers losing share to imports, being stymied at every turn by governmental regulations, and the general “malaise” that had cast itself all over the country, building horsepower was a virtual impossibility and “cool stuff” was essentially verboten outside of stickers and lame option packages that feigned the idea of performance. The 1978 Plymouth Volare Petty kit car was born at this time and while it is not a fire breather by modern standards it was a triumph of people with a passion for speed in an otherwise dark time. You are looking at an amazingly clean example of these rare cars. The ad says that less than 300 were made and we have read other places where this seems to be true.

The “kit car” was another step past the Volare Super Coupe which offered buyers a 360 engine, bigger sway bars, and some interior upgrades like a Tuff wheel and others. The “kit cars” then added fender flares, window retaining straps, the spoiler, hood pins, and windshield retaining clips. The Petty version added the 360ci logos on the hood, the 43 numbers on the doors, and the 43 number on the roof. Basically it was supposed to look like a street going version of the stock car that Richard Petty was driving, but there was a problem. That problem was Richard Petty bailing from the Plymouth brand that year and when it happened production stopped cold.

This car is in immaculate shape and the seller claims that it has about 13,000 miles on the odometer. By the way the ad is written it seems as though this car is a survivor and not a restoration. While the performance would not be tire blazing insanity, we’d own this bastard in a heartbeat and would cruise it with pride.

Would you?





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4 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: 1978 Plymouth Richard Petty Kit Car Goodness – This Thing Is Amazing

  1. jerry z

    Only wish the car came in Petty blue! Also nice seeing a Volare with all of its panels not ventilated!

  2. jim

    What’s with the underside of this cars hood? It’s completely inconsistent with the rest of the car…

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