Crash And Burn: Helmet Cam Footage From The Fifteen-Car Pileup At The Nurburgring On An Open Day

Crash And Burn: Helmet Cam Footage From The Fifteen-Car Pileup At The Nurburgring On An Open Day

The Nurburgring’s famous touristfarhten days draw people the world over for the chance to drive the monsterous Green Hell track for themselves. It’s a semi-open procedure that requires you to be held accountable for incidents and in general terms, must follow the basic rules of the German Road Traffic Organization, which states:

“The driver of the vehicle is only allowed to drive at speeds where he/she is capable of continually control- ling the vehicle. The driver must in particular adapt his/her speed to the road, tra c, visibility and weather conditions as well as his/her personal driving skills and the characteristics of the vehicle and its load.”

Something else noted in the Nurburgring’s broad list of rules is that racing is technically forbidden on the track…instead, during the touristfarhten days, it’s considered a one-way street and drivers must take the appropriate precautions and safety measures for safe vehicle operation. We’ve shown you countless videos of that taking place, where anything from a Volkswagen Beetle to a Setra bus to a 1970s Chevrolet Suburban to some of the hairest track monsters with plates on can take a crack at the Nordschliefe course.

Now, racing technically isn’t allowed, and neither are personal timed runs. But let’s be honest…you don’t go to the Nurburgring and just putt about. You go to do something, and plenty of people haul copious amounts of tail around the course. And there are a fair share of accidents that occur each year. But fifteen cars in one shot on a touristfarhten day is a bit jaw-dropping, and that’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when a Porsche’s coolant line failed and hosed the track down at the Hatzenbach Chicane, about 3 kilometers into the run. That’s what the driver of this unfortunate BMW ran up on. He pulled off, got out of the car, jumped the Armco and tried to warn oncoming drivers…and you’ll see how well that worked out for him.

Three people wound up in the hospital, including one driver who had to be extracted out of their Audi.

(Courtesy: Car Throttle)

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7 thoughts on “Crash And Burn: Helmet Cam Footage From The Fifteen-Car Pileup At The Nurburgring On An Open Day

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    This madness should stop as its only a matter of time before someone gets killed. The great Jackie Stewart called this circuit the Green Hell and reckoned it was the most dangerous one in the world. So if an all time motor racing ace reckoned that, what hope is there for idiots throwing their expensive toys around with scant regard for their own or others safety.

  2. Gary Smrtic

    In one of those rare moments where CHMG and I disagree. I say let natural selection take it’s due course, and support your local speed parts dealers…

  3. AndyB

    Wow. There aren’t words for how idiotic that is.

    Take some personal accountability, and don’t go there then.

  4. Mookie

    1) while at least he’s in the correct side of the safety barrier. Waxing your arms like an idiot takes the drivers attention off of the road and into you. Causing more problems than it starts. Last year somebody was killed on the track song the same thing.

    2) the Nurburgring is an amazing place and incidents like this are rare. Driving a lap or two around this track is a bucket list item for any car guy. I cannot wait to go back.

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