Cynthiana Rod Run Photo Extravaganza: Here’s One Final Collection Of BangShift Worthy Cars And Trucks

Cynthiana Rod Run Photo Extravaganza: Here’s One Final Collection Of BangShift Worthy Cars And Trucks

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Mid-afternoon had arrived and while folks were beginning to disperse I tried to catch any large areas I hadn’t already seen.  Still, much was missed, but that’s why I go to many of these events every year.  There’s always new and old stuff showing up.  When/if it gets stale I’ll skip it for a while.

This gallery represents my effort to make one last sweep and in the process I see it is a good example of the event.  There’s enough variety to satisfy nearly everyone’s tastes.  For instance check out this blue ’68 SS Chevelle.  At heart I am a Chevelle person and a big fan of wing windows.  The big block is just icing on the cake.  I am also a huge fan of ’78-’79 Ford pickups like this beautiful 4wd F150 Ranger hanging out next to the Chevelle.  A little more than a handful of photos later is a beautiful ’33 Plymouth 4-door sedan.  Such classy styling and a quartet of suicide doors.  I didn’t look closer at the pastel green Bug, but I like the look of the white steelies with an extra thick pair in back.

The white Trackhawk was something I’ve only seen in person once before.  I don’t think they get the notoriety they should as it seems to sit in the shadow of the Hellcat.  I get that, but at any stoplight the Trackhawk will embarrass a Hellcat through an intersection while seating 4 people comfortably.  It’s also super stealthy with only the well-informed having any idea what it is capable of.

Several cars had been sitting half in and half out of sunlight the first time I passed them earlier in the day, but now were rid of harsh shadow lines.  I am still learning to date earlier Mustangs so I will try with these three.  Red ’66, pale green ’68, and blue ’65.  I’m sure someone reading this can correct me.  Even though the shadows were still on this ’71 Ford LTD, I couldn’t pass up getting a shot.  My mom had a ’71 Country Squire wagon when I was growing up and I can remember these being police cars around my hometown.  I’ll finish this up with an observation of the grey, early Bronco.  Typically when someone puts hubcaps on one the fenders are not sporting flares and the rear wheel opening hasn’t been cut.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s just a bit different, but I like it as much as any other.

That concludes our coverage of the 2019 Cynthiana Rod Run.  We hope you enjoyed and if you’re inclined please come visit.  Perhaps I’ll even catch a image or two of your ride.



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4 thoughts on “Cynthiana Rod Run Photo Extravaganza: Here’s One Final Collection Of BangShift Worthy Cars And Trucks

  1. THAT guy

    (Sorry to be this guy…but) The red Mustang (fastback) appears to be a \’65: honeycomb grill and black engine. The pale green one should be a \’67, since it lacks side marker lights. The blue one is, in fact, a \’65. Keep up the good work though, and thanks for the photos.

    1. Ford police dept.

      Hey, that’s my job. Seriously though, I never understood having late model cars in a car show. posers.

      1. Doug Gregory

        Not a show. It’s a day-long cruise plus some. All of downtown is closed off for it.

        There’s even tractors…which I missed most of in 2019.

        Thanks for looking.

    2. Doug Gregory

      Be that guy. I don’t have any trouble with a 70….which is the best-looking mustang ever made. My youngest son is into the early ponies and gets them right. I just took a stab at guessing on my own. I do not bleed blue, but I still like them. 2 Fords pn my top 10. A deuce and a 69 torino gt formal roof.

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