Car Show Coverage: The Deputy Jamie Morales Benefit Car Show Brought Cool Iron Our For A Great Cause

Car Show Coverage: The Deputy Jamie Morales Benefit Car Show Brought Cool Iron Our For A Great Cause

(Photos and words by Doug Gregory) – Deputy Jaime Morales is a former Marine that was working with US Marshalls and other agencies to apprehend a fugitive wanted in a string of bank robberies.  The suspect decided to shoot it out with authorities and lost that battle.  During the engagement the 28-year-old Deputy was struck and unfortunately this has left Deputy Morales paralyzed.  The whole community has rallied since the incident in early September and has been supporting him in any way they can.  This fundraising show is just one of several events and initiatives taking place to support 217 (his badge number) Strong.  The car show had only been in the planning for a few weeks and took place at the historic Cardome Center just outside Georgetown.  Factoid – Cardome Center has been investigated by paranormal researchers checking out its numerous reports of being haunted.  My wife and I were married there.  Not sure there’s a connection.

Not unexpectedly some of the cars there had visited either one of the Cars & Coffees or both and all of them beat us here because we stopped for some lunch.  We paid and parked, but didn’t grab a judging sheet or register.  We were not going to compete, but instead went to support the cause and check out the cars.  Win-win.

Plenty of cars we hadn’t seen before were there.  Yes we believe that is a real Hemi ‘Cuda.  We know of the owner and they do not possess anything substandard.  It didn’t stay long after we arrived so I did not get a closer look.  Perhaps next time.

The gold Cougar looks to be a real solid driver we’d definitely have.  A couple other gold cars caught our attention as well.  This 440-powered GTX looked pretty fresh and the C2 coupe sporting knock-offs and a 327 was especially nice.  There are actually a few turbo Trans-Ams running around these parts, but we hadn’t laid eyes on this pace car edition before.  We likey.  ’58 Chevys appeal to us because the styling and that it’s not another Tri-5 (not that we don’t like those).  This corral-colored example, originally a small-block car, had a tasteful W-motor transplant to ratchet up the cool factor.

So most know I own GM, but generally like most anything that catches my eye.  What you might not know is I have a love for 1970 Mustangs.  Maybe it’s because I grew up with a pale yellow ’70 Mach 1 across the street.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had friends with them over the years.  My thinking is that it’s because they are undeniably the most-beautiful Mustang ever made.  Oh you can argue with me about it, but you’re wrong.  This Calypso Corral Mach 1 out of Stamping Ground, KY was stunning.  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I’d change on it.  Cobra Jet powered and backed by a top-loader with Magnum 500 wheels.  What’s not to like…?  It looks mean just sitting there loaded with attitude.

We admire cars that are driven often and enjoyed for what they are.  The silver ’75 Trans Am is just that. We’ve seen it many times over the years and it seems to be a trouble-free free cruiser being used as the designers intended.  Lastly we’ll mention this purple T-bucket.  Deputy Morales was attending the show and one of the trophies to be handed out was ‘Jaime’s pick’ and this is it.  We saw Jaime rolling through the rows of cars taking it all in and this one caught his fancy.  The weather turned out pretty nice so it appeared this show not only was helping support him, but also gave him a good excuse to get out and enjoy some time outside.  We appreciate all our first responders hope that events such as this help in some way to express our gratitude for their sacrifices.

What a day it was.  Not sure we’ve ever attempted three events in one day.  One thing is for sure…it wasn’t boring.


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