Ever Seen A 1975 Hang Rhino Duster? Heck, Ever Seen A Rhino Painted On A Car?

Ever Seen A 1975 Hang Rhino Duster? Heck, Ever Seen A Rhino Painted On A Car?

Ok, we know that there’s no such thing as a 1975 Plymouth Hang Rhino Duster but when you take a 1975 Hang Ten Plymouth Duster and paint a giant freaking Rhino on the side of it what do you expect out of us? The car we found on eBay is actually kind of interesting as the Hang Ten Dusters are not exactly the most common version of the popular 1970s A-Body and by the sounds of it, the original car is mostly intact. The stock interior with its white base color and stripes is all there. We’d guess that the interior would be the toughest part of a restoration of a Hang Ten Car anyway.

The engine is a 318ci small block and it has dual exhaust. Because it is a “Hang Ten” model, the rear seats fold down so that the trunk can swallow surf boards. There were like 4.1 million different special editions in the A-body world and we think it was an awesome ploy to extend the life of an aging platform through the 1970s by Chrysler.

So the Rhino? Yeah it was painted on by some sort of an artist guy at a show or festival a few years back. It looks like something you would see as a movie prop to be honest. Napoleon Dynamite would role up to the school in this car with head held high. We mean, how could be not? The car has a damned Rhino with lighting bolts coming out of its noggin on one side and some sort of topless Madusa looking chick on the other.

Someone save this thing and get it back to Hang Ten shape!


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6 thoughts on “Ever Seen A 1975 Hang Rhino Duster? Heck, Ever Seen A Rhino Painted On A Car?

  1. Dave Dusterberg

    It’s not a Hang 10, that was only available on the Dodge Dart Sport. It is a Duster with a 75 Dart dog house on it and the optional psycho plaid interior

  2. Matt Cramer

    Very cool. Now I not only want that Duster, I want an A100 Tradesman from the same year with matching paint and interior!

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Even a rhino couldn’t produce such a pile of shit – but he could crush it to bits trying to hump it as that’s a very comely lady rhino in the mural….

  4. BeaverMartin

    So I’m thinking clear coat, buff and engine warm-up. I think the Rhino is cool.

  5. Cory Reed

    Have you seriously never seen Jurassic Park!? Thats a freaking Triceratops if ive ever seen one…. jeez

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