Funny Video: Check Out This Wanton VW “Stress Testing”

Funny Video: Check Out This Wanton VW “Stress Testing”

In regards to vehicles, have you ever owned a “beater”? I’m not talking about a vehicle that’s a little long in the tooth that you neglect performing regular maintenance on and park next to the shopping cart corral at the super market, but a vehicle that you have in your possession solely to beat the ever-living daylights out of, just because.

I personally haven’t yet had the pleasure of owning such a vehicle, but after watching this montage of VWs being flogged, jumped, and smashed into giant mounds of gravel, I’ve got a serious urge to cruise the local Craigslist for sub-$500 cars to have some fun with this Spring.

We’ve all seen stress-testing of vehicles being performed, but this is just wanton abuse, all set to the polka equivalent of the Benny Hill theme. Brian and Chad are known for the heaps of abuse that they inflict on their rental cars, but I’m sure that even those two could learn a few tricks from this video.




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3 thoughts on “Funny Video: Check Out This Wanton VW “Stress Testing”

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Errr … hate to be the bearer of bad news but … errr … those VW Micro Buses ( of which my family and I have owned several in their Westy guise ) due to the end of all Micro Bus production in Brazil as of this week …. have attained the dreaded IMO ‘ Collector ‘ status to now an even greater extent than was previous .

    Which means …. they’re now all becoming pricey as all get out with people falling all over themselves to outbid the competition .. only to raise prices even further

    So sorry son ( being well into my 50’s that is not an insult ) .. but when it come to the VW Micro Bus … you’ve missed the boat . Which is IMO very unfortunate as a very fine boat it was . And ” What a Long Strange Trip ” it has been as well

    VW-Micro Bus – 1944 – 2014 ; RIP . It will be missed by many … with many a memory having been had in one

    VW-Audi would do well to create a 21st century replacement for what was the most iconic as well as longest in production passenger vehicle in the World

  2. 440 6pac

    Those weren’t test drivers in the Father Land. Those were everyday folks right here in the US. 🙂

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