Good Jams and Cool Hot Rod – Lords of Nitromethane Short Film

Good Jams and Cool Hot Rod – Lords of Nitromethane Short Film

This is a fun short film to show you on a Friday. Made by the Lord of Nitromethane which appear to be out of Germany it captures cruising, horsing around, and wrenching with on a cool and pretty traditional looking hot rod coupe. Burnouts in the shop, burnouts by the train tracks, and a hard driving sound track make this one a BangShifty watch.

We’re not exactly sure what or who the Lords of Nitromethane are but they seems to get it. Their website is in German and we skipped that day in high school so we can’t read it. They have shirts and stuff for sale along with a bunch of good photos and other things to look at in that regard. They also have a host of videos and other creative content that seems to be really well made and entertaining to look at.

Like we always say, hot rodding is the universal language and this proves it. The scene could have been shot anywhere from Southern California to New England to Sweden and we’d see the same stuff. Fun, a cool car, and the open road. Nothing beats that.

Press play below to see burnouts, cruising, and fun in a coupe –

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