RideTech and Optima Team Up For The Goodguys Autocross Sponsor Shootout In Columbus

RideTech and Optima Team Up For The Goodguys Autocross Sponsor Shootout In Columbus

Each and every year the Goodguys Columbus show has one of the most fun to watch and competitive autocross events in the country. The Goodguys Autocross Sponsor Shootout pairs some of the nation’s best pro touring cars with the companies that bring the Goodguys autocross series across the country. Optima Batteries and RideTech have joined forces for the event this year and that’s a good thing for both companies.

Optima and RideTech have had a longstanding relationship and we’re reasonably sure that we have never seen a RideTech car without and Optima batter under the hood or in the truck to deliver the cranking power. Optima obviously is a huge force in the pro touring world with their Search For The Ultimate Street Car tv show and the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational after SEMA each and every year. RideTech is also neck deep in that stuff with many competitors running their suspension components in competition. This is a match made in heaven!

Check out the release below to learn how you can follow RideTech and Optima as they get busy in Columbus!

For Immediate Release
July 3, 2017

RideTech is proud to announce that company President Bret Voelkel and the 48 Hour Camaro  will be representing Optima Batteries in the Goodguys Autocross Sponsor Shootout in Columbus, OH on July 7-9. RideTech and Optima have a significant history together [dating back to the original Search for the Ultimate Street Car event in 2008] that continues today. Bret commented: “It is always an honor to represent Optima Batteries…they support this market and its people like none other. Every RideTech project starts with an Optima battery!”
Because of superior starting power, compact size, and easy mounting options, Optima Batteries have become THE preferred battery in every segment of the hotrodding world. Bret Voelkel commented further: “ We strive to build suspensions and cars that perform at the highest levels. This means using components that perform at the highest levels. That’s why we insist on an Optima Battery in all our cars.”

The 48 Hour Camaro uses the Yellowtop D34/78 with a cold cranking rating of 750 amps and a C20 reserve capacity of 55 amp/hours, this battery [which is still the original unit that was installed in the car during the initial build] has never let this Camaro down! https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/yellowtop-deep-cycle-battery/d3478
When resting comfortably in the shop, the 48 Hour Camaro uses the Optima 400 digital battery maintainer. This unit ensures the Yellowtop is always at peak power. https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/battery-charger
Keep up with the progress of the RideTech 48 Hour Camaro here: www.ridetech.com. You can also follow RideTech on Facebook and Instagram. We will be publishing the results of the Goodguys Autocross shootout in REALTIME!

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    Hey I seen the ‘Vette and the Camaro were at ‘Summit Point, WVa – Was that p track rental for practice??

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