Hot Rod Heaven Discovered: We Take A Tour Of Hanksters Hot Rods and Muscle Cars

Hot Rod Heaven Discovered: We Take A Tour Of Hanksters Hot Rods and Muscle Cars

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – On a trip to the Daytona, FL area we happened upon a place that we hadn’t seen before.  This is because it previously wasn’t there.  Occupying a building formerly used as a roller-skating rink is a new, Southern location of the Hanksters Hot Rods and Muscle Cars in Indiana, PA.  The place is a showroom/museum with a gift shop and a snack bar.  To gain entry all they ask is for you to drop some money in the donation box and that is then given out to local charities.  Cool deal.  Sissy Fornili is the manager over this location and told us a lot about how it’s grown and the activities surround it.  We’ve got a follow-on story with more on that and some of the scene to be found on Nova Road.

At the moment the inventory seems Mopar-heavy and by my count – it is.  That said, there is plenty of variety and we know cars are going to move in and out all the time.  If you are into high-end muscle cars then they have you covered.  If you are looking for a survivor they have that stuff too.  The prices seem fair on most everything and some appear to be really sweet deals.  What you won’t find is junk.  They don’t do sketchy stuff.  To us it looked like everything there needed nothing to start enjoying it right away.  The only thing that wasn’t 100% ready-to-go that we saw was a recent, actual barn find Ford (black 406/4sp hardtop) they’d cleaned up, but the tires and some other things still needed replaced (the tires were struggling to hold air).  I am not going to bore you by detailing every car and explaining what they are.  They have a website and it has prices, contact information, etc.

Click here to check it out

There are deals to be found in there.  I liked a lot of them and would have many if I could.  My pick for the coolest and most-affordable ride was a ’67 Dodge Coronet in Medium Copper Metallic sporting a 383/auto.  It was clean, complete, and in the right condition to start cruising without feeling the need to wipe it with a diaper every 10 minutes.  A 4-speed would have made it irresistible.  2nd place – A black ’63 Grand Prix with a 389/auto that was neat as a pin and less than $20k.  Class and style right there.  If you are in the market….check them out.  Next time we are down there you can bet we’ll stop in again.


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    Well, I know where I’ll be spending some time when I’m in Jacksonville! Neat collection.


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