Hate Boy Bands? The New Kids On The Block 1987 Camaro Convertible Will Solidify Those Feelings

Hate Boy Bands? The New Kids On The Block 1987 Camaro Convertible Will Solidify Those Feelings

The New Kids On The Block were a sensation in the middle 1980s all the way into the 1990s and frankly everyone reading this probably hated them. They were a Boston area group that all came from a town about three over from where I grew up and currently live. Their songs appealed to the 10-16 year old girl demographic that all modern boy bands appeal to and they made money by the dump truck full. They also apparently had a custom 1987 Camaro convertible built for them and this is it.

In the realm of customized 1980s vehicles this one is certainly not as bad as some we have seen. Don’t get us wrong, it is horrible looking and the pretty much every inch of us makes us want to barf BUT there are certainly worse cars out there.

We actually do not hate the paint. Whoever did that job really crushed it and we don’t think it has aged too badly. The wheels are rough, the interior is largely stock in terms of the dash and stuff but the seats have been custom upholstered. The engine is an Eagle built 350 that makes like 300-350hp. Nothing crazy but it should shuffle this thing down the road well enough.

The scoops, the wings, the entire back of the car, and parachute are all things that need to be removed and never spoken about again. The interior needs to be replaced and the wheels upsized. The paint can stay, but that’s just us. Here’s where we’d make a “Hangin’ Tough” joke but that would just be wrong.


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16 thoughts on “Hate Boy Bands? The New Kids On The Block 1987 Camaro Convertible Will Solidify Those Feelings

  1. Matt Cramer

    The wings have to go. But I’m not sure if one should deal with the parachute and scoop by removing them or by giving it enough horsepower to require both. Getting smoked by the New Kids On the Block’s car is something you’d NEVER live down.

  2. jerry z

    I like to know what they were smoking when they designed this! You couldn’t pay to take the car!

  3. Big Marauder

    A representative artifact of its time. But it makes me want to build a winged Thunderbird just to torque of guys like Lohnes…

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Boy bands and Chevys are the two things I hate most!

    To find them together in one pile of Chevy shit is almost to much to bear. At least you didn’t show the interior of the trunk with its sordid collection of sex toys, tubs of KY and unsold CDs,,,,,

  5. Donny Chops

    Isn’t Gateway Classics tempting fate by telling the world it’s in their show room in Tampa ? After tonight they might not have a Show Room .

  6. RacerRick

    Did anyone else notice that this thing has what looks like 59,000 miles on the clock? Somebody actually drove this clown car 59,000 miles. They actually were willing to be seen in this things for 59,000 miles….

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