We Should Hate This Mercedes Nosed, Yellow, Big Block Powered 1973 El Camino But We Can’t

We Should Hate This Mercedes Nosed, Yellow, Big Block Powered 1973 El Camino But We Can’t

BangShifter Eddy Ruesga gets the full credit for finding and tipping us off to one of the weirdest and wildest cars we have ever seen for sale on Craigslist. It is also one of the weirdest and wildest cars that we feel as though we should be openly hating but we just can’t. There’s actually something interesting about this thing and weird mash up of German and American looks that it has. For starters we can probably all agree on the fact that this car was built in the 1980s, right? The wheels, the Ferrari style side treatment on the doors, and the color are all straight out of the Miami Vice era, plus the nose is off of a 1982 Mercedes so there’s that as well.

For whatever reason, the profile shots of the car don’t make it out to look that horrendous. In fact we’d love to get the thing to a body shop, slather it in black paint (including the wheels) and then get a look at it. We’re thinking that in some miles deep black pigment this car would not only look better but probably pretty intimidating. We don’t know much about the big block powering the creation so let’s just plan on pulling that lump out, rebuilding it with low compression pistons, aluminum heads, some good rumpity cam, and an 8-71 on it. This thing needs an 8-71 coming up through the front of it to go from the weird to the completely sublime, right?

The seller is a man of few words and is obviously letting the car do the talking here because this is the full text of the ad:

1973 El camino
82′ sec Mercedes front clip
Custom fiberglass work threwout the car.
17″ Boyd’s custom rims
454 big block
All digital gauges
Trade for Polaris razor,truck,car,guns and cash


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8 thoughts on “We Should Hate This Mercedes Nosed, Yellow, Big Block Powered 1973 El Camino But We Can’t

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Waddya mean SHOULD hate it?

    I’ve just blown chunks over my keyboard – the same colour as this sad sacka-doody!

    What would be awesome would be a drone strike by a Hemi Ford powered UAV – to rid the Earth once and for all of this monstrosity. mind it’s nowhere near as bad as that sawn-off 55 El Camino thing – that made me pass out with revulsion – ooooops more chunks on their way Baaaaaaaaaaaarffffff!

  2. mooseface

    I’m trying so hard to hate this things, but I just can’t. It’s just so fantastically weird and almost hyperbolically ridiculous.
    I definitely feel the need to go all Roadkill on it, rattle-can it black and slap a big honking blower on it and make it a Mad-Max style tire eater.

  3. Bob

    I’m having trouble seeing ANY potential for this thing. At least the 55 could have been turned into a Car’toons style ride or Muscle Machine thing.

  4. elkyguy

    kill it,kill it now,then burn it,then salt the earth,then bury it,then put a pile of radioactive rocks on top

  5. Lon

    Repaint it, loose the stupid Bow Tie/Mercedes emblems, and lower it. I’m betting the interior is just as 80slicous as the rest of the car, so it needs going over. I like it because of the extreme hate it seems to instill in people.

    And no blower. Sublime would be remote turbos, poking up in the bed.

  6. Nick D.

    I’m curious what made the guy dream this swap up. I’d ditch the goofy cheese grater side vents too. The roofline actually has some really nice lines to it, with those super laid back C-pillars

  7. Joe B

    You’re right. the pictures do not convey the full thrust of the ‘artists’ emotion. The only emotion I’m feeling is the fear that comes with the acute nausea when exposed to a virulent strain of E.coli.

    Nowhere in the dictionary could I find an appropriately sufficient adjective representing such extreme revulsion.

    Thanks for the entertainment. I challenge you to go one better and find a truly vomitous vehicle- one worthy of committing it’s owner to an asylum.

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