Holley’s Look Back At The 2014 Holley LS Fest Is An Intense Peek At Every Aspect Of The Massive Event

Holley’s Look Back At The 2014 Holley LS Fest Is An Intense Peek At Every Aspect Of The Massive Event

When the Holley LS Fest first got started a few years back it was a small, fun gathering of enthusiasts that enjoyed a weekend with like minded friends. In a very short amount of time the event has completely exploded in popularity and it draws both racers and fans from all across the country. Chad and I spend more time at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky each year than virtually anyone else out there so we have a keen understanding of what the place looks like when it is full. Well kids, this year it was blown out. More than 10,000 spectators came through the gates throughout the weekend, more than 500 racers competed on the drag strip, on the autocross course, in scavenger hunts on the country side, making hot laps at the new track at the Corvette factory, watching drifting, and hanging out in the car show. There’s no other place on Earth better suited to be converted into an automotive amusement park than Beech Bend Raceway. At one point we had like three motorsports going on simultaneously with the autocross, drags, and engine swap challenge all being executed at once. Chad is the announcer for the engine swap challenge and you’ll see him in action during this video. I serve as the drag strip guy and autocross guy out the back window of the tower during the event and it is a fun time for everyone.

The year the weather was beautiful and as has happened every year since I have attended, the thing has grown. Virtually the entire staff at Holley is on hand at the track to help racers get in and out, direct traffic, help organize events, and maybe even lend a hand helping on a car. So many competitors are running the Holley EFI on their cars at the race it is just as easy as asking one of the Holley EFI guys to take a look-see at what the tune up is!

This video is a 2-minute driving look back at what happened in 2014. It was as intense as this video makes it out to be and we cannot wait to be there again in 2015 to experience the wild weekend all over again!


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