In-Car Video: Let’s Go Legends Racing At A Bullring Called Wake County Speedway

In-Car Video: Let’s Go Legends Racing At A Bullring Called Wake County Speedway

Wake County Speedway in Raleigh, North Carolina advertises itself as America’s favorite bullring and that’s pretty awesome. The place has been open for about 50 years and it lived the majority of its life as a clay/dirt track and then was converted into an asphalt track at the close of the 1986 racing season. It is a great example of a little quarter mile oval that has been putting on great shows for fans and acting as a part of the community since John F Kennedy was the President.

Like all circle tracks, these guys race all manner of different cars on the surface during their season. In the case of this video we’re going be riding in a legends car as the driver rips around the track. For those of you unfamiliar, a legends car is a tube chassis design that is done in like 50% scale of a real car and they are designed to wear small, replica bodies that are tributes to the old stuff that people drove around prior to WWII. The engines are actually motorcycle four bangers and you will surely hear them at work in this video,

There is lots of slicing and dicing going on here as the racers work their way around the track. The guy we are riding with jumps to the lead but is forced back rather soon. After a restart later in the video he and another guy get together in turn one while battling for position. Seems like both of them were OK and our her was actually able to climb back into the 6th spot before the checker flag flew.

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