The Incredible Jet-Hot Double Down By Fuller Hot Rods Heads To SEMA 2014 With 800+ Kurt Urban Boss Ford Horsepower

The Incredible Jet-Hot Double Down By Fuller Hot Rods Heads To SEMA 2014 With 800+ Kurt Urban Boss Ford Horsepower

(Photos by Bryan Fuller/Kurt Urban) – Last year at SEMA we freaked out about the Jet Hot Double Down 1932 Ford which was under construction at Bryan Fuller Hot Rods. The car was on the show floor but it was far from a completed unit at that point. Add a year to that time table and the incredible car is now an 800+ horsepower, all wheel drive, massive tired doomsday machine that is getting ready to unleash a whole bunch of fury at different venues (so we hear) across the country. The Ford Boss engine was built by Kurt Urban and through some videos on his Facebook page, we learned that the engine makes 820hp on unleaded gas. Remember, this is naturally aspirated. The engine does not have a whiff of nitrous or a hint of boost  heading through it.

We love the metal working and the paint work that is there to highlight all the cool stuff that is happening with the body rather than to hide it. There are the coated headers which come off both sides of the snarling engine like bundles of snakes, the suspension is largely visible on all four corners as well. This car could have gone a bunch of different ways stylistically but Fuller and the team at Jet Hot did it right. It is a tour de force as it sits and simply accenting some of the cool and really putting the amazing mechanical end of things up front and center was the right move.

It was great to see the car last year in “visible man” form meaning that lots of the body had yet to be made and the chassis was hanging out in the breeze. When you look at the photos below, check out the metal work in the car which integrates the chassis tubing into the panels themselves and the other details. We’ll bring you a full work up on this car from the SEMA floor, but until then check out the photos below.

This is one of the coolest 1932 Ford ever built.

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10 thoughts on “The Incredible Jet-Hot Double Down By Fuller Hot Rods Heads To SEMA 2014 With 800+ Kurt Urban Boss Ford Horsepower

  1. ColoradoKid

    Say what you will about this . In my opinion this beast is becoming more [email protected]$& by the minute and I cannot wait to see it finished … and hopefully running as well . The thought of firing up that 429 alone sending shivers down my spine .

    So keep the updates coming Brian & Bryan [ Fuller ] . The anticipation is killing me … in such a very good way I might add đŸ˜‰

  2. doug gregory

    I have to say that as a super fan of the ’32 Ford – this may ultimately be the most awesome Deuce build ever. If it drives across the country, gets flogged at the dragstrip, and put through its paces at the autocross course there is no doubt it will go down as the ultimate hotrod toy. The craftsmanship looks amazing and the vision to see something like this come together is beyond my imagination. And I have to add – its not LS-powered. << big part of what makes it awesome. There is no lemming DNA in this build. 'Been done' doesn't apply here. Bravo.

  3. Sumgai

    Awesome! Amazing craftsmanship here and I can’t complain about any of the styling or powertrain choices. Very cool.

  4. C Royer

    nice engineering, parts choices, vision, I personally lean towards the KISS principle ( keep it simple, stupid) but love to get ideas off projects like this, should be an awesome ride when sorted out

  5. john t

    love it. I’ve always thought a 4wd lightweight car with a ton of character like this would just have to be the best thing ever – I’d love to drive this but I’d love to build something like it even more…

  6. Rick Spaulding

    I think Bryan Fuller is one of the best in the business, this 32 shows that, I think SEMA is going to be blown away.

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