King Of The Heap Race #2 At NCM Motorsports Park: Freezing Ass And Flinging Grass!

King Of The Heap Race #2 At NCM Motorsports Park: Freezing Ass And Flinging Grass!

The second King Of The Heap race was run yesterday at NCM Motorsports Park, and it was a completely different animal from the first. Gone were the seasonably warm and sunny conditions and the tame driving. Instead, the temperatures didn’t come close to cresting the freezing mark, the drivers were emboldened to go for broke and indeed, shit broke, cars broke down and we had our first major incident for the event. But let’s start at the beginning…shortly after yours truly dragged his hide from the nice, warm bed and drove out before dawn to the track to meet up with officials and the crew…

Daylight is not the friend of the winter racer at NCM. So from the moment the sun is up until the moment the sun is down, the track crew have to be on point, hustling each car four times over (four drivers per car) at four different events, while keeping the sanity and, due to the cold, the course workers warm and fed. Most of the cars were returns from the last event, except for a couple of teams that weren’t able to make it and one green and very much dead 1994 Camaro that I’d just as soon forget about.

Oh, great. So much for forgetting about the Camaro. The droptop that showed up in it’s place had some of the parts from the blown-up car on it…the driver’s door, the seat, the wiring and the fuel pump all made it back for a second round at NCM. Sadly, the driver’s door glass had to be broken out since the motor didn’t work anymore. I might have taken just a bit of satisfaction when I took it out with a four-way lug wrench. Just maybe.

Over the next few days you’ll see galleries from the race where I’ll go into detail about what went down. When you aren’t focused on driving the next lap, you get a lot more involved into the backstory of what’s going on with the other teams. You’ll learn how many cars were killed, how many cars told their entire team “no more racing” without technically breaking, what blew up, who broke what and who strung along a dying car to win the day. But for now, here’s a couple of teaser pics from the track. I can’t lie, I would’ve loved to have driven, but all the same…it was a good day, and we can’t wait for the next round!


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6 thoughts on “King Of The Heap Race #2 At NCM Motorsports Park: Freezing Ass And Flinging Grass!

  1. john

    “Mctaggart turn”… looks like a pile of half digested creme filled donuts!! Flu shot next year? 🙂

  2. jerry z

    4 degrees. Are you kidding me! No f-ing way would you get me out of bed to do any of that! At least insanity doesn’t run in my family (I hope).

  3. Tubbed Pacecar

    Ha! 4 degrees? Here in Alberta they have been running a 24 hour motorcycle ice race since the eighties, called The Numb Bum, when you go to the riders meeting, amongst the handouts, you will find a printed table showing you a conversion from ambient temp to corrected temp (ie: WInd Chill), based on your MPH.

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