Money No Object: 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R With Sincere Racing Pedigree

Money No Object: 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R With Sincere Racing Pedigree

The fun thing about getting older as a car freak is that you get to see whether or not your suspicions on which cars would be great and which cars won’t be was an accurate guess or the ultimate wish list. Case in point: the 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R. I was never too hot on the SN-95 cars, and honestly I’m still not all there. But I liked what the Cobra R was all about: 351 cubic inch V8 (save that 5.8L crap for your first-gen Lightning if you absolutely must use it), all of the proper good bits thrown in, and only 250 of them to be made, total. And you had to show racing credentials, licenses, paperwork and all…Joe Blow was not going to strut into the Ford dealership, drop the number the dealer quoted past base MSRP and be the immediate hero here. By the time twelve-year-old me knew the car even existed, they all had been spoken for…the entire 250 car run sold out in five days. 

The goal behind SVT’s restrictions was solid: the 1993 Cobra R run was bought up and most were squirreled away to the garages of collectors, left alone to accumulate value. For SVT, and probably in particular John Coletti, that was a slap in the face of why the Cobra R was built in the first place. The Mustang from Hell should be out on tracks across America stomping a mudhole in two specific doorstop-shaped GM machines, not spending their downtime being leisurely wiped down with only the softest terry cloths. Some 1995s did manage to escape track duty, but this one did not. This is #125 of the 250 car run, a car that went straight to Steeda for preparation for IMSA Street Stock racing. With a driver list that includes Boris Said (NASCAR), Shawn Hendricks (NASCAR), Peter Cunningham (SCCA, IMSA, Grand Am, CART and more), and Peter Uria (IMSA, SCCA), the Cobra R has been around the block and has it’s share of trophies, as well as many firsts for the platform.

A factory-built ringer, worked over by one of the bigger names in Mustang tuning, driven by some awesome hot-shoes, and still plenty capable of whipping some ass in an old-school way…yeah, it might look late-model but the Mustang Cobra R is one of the greats. We’d pay all day long.

eBay Link: 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R #125

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One thought on “Money No Object: 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R With Sincere Racing Pedigree

  1. Steve O

    Always wondered why they didn’t use the 351 more in the Foxbody and the 94 95 before this one. The engine wasn’t new tech. Would’ve cost next to nothing to implement.

    Anyway I wasn’t a fan of these when they came out either. The whole industry was going to “old bar of soap” styling at the time. In hindsight I think the SN95 has aged better than most of the vehicles styled like that from that time period.

    I got a 95 GT in a trade for a motorcycle I didn’t ride much anymore so I may be biased now. I’ve grown to really like it. It has the improved more up to date chassis while retained the old school pushrod 5.0 engine. It was the first of the retro styled Mustangs and was marketed as such for the Mustang’s 30th anniversary.

    I went budget build with mine and it’s currently supercharged with upgrades to the braking and handling. There is a good amount of shared parts from 79-04 so there is no shortage of suppliers and deals on the used market to choose from. Stock to stock they are only 200 lbs heavier than the Foxbody as well.

    Overall I think they are a great bargain. I don’t worry about mine as I would if it was some really fancy car. I just go out and enjoy it and have fun.

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