Morning Symphony: One Very Nasty VH Commodore Ripping Around Town

Morning Symphony: One Very Nasty VH Commodore Ripping Around Town

More often than not, if the word “Australian” is somewhere in something I write, it has to do with a burnout contest. Plenty of times, I’ve seen the criticism over burnout contests, which a few of you see as simply wasteful and certainly a bit brainless. To each their own. Personally, I dig it when a driver will go completely full-haze mode, with the engine screaming, the tires melting and the audience going full-on batshit crazy over the spectacle, but that’s me. Hearing an engine on song for that long is always a treat. But okay, you don’t want another burnout contest video. I’ve got you covered. How about one of the nastiest 1980s Commodores I’ve heard that isn’t running on Mount Panorama? No, this is from the Port Lincoln Teakle Auto Sprint back in 2017, the inaugural event that saw a 1.5 km street course available for anything that wanted to get nasty on tarmac. It’s since evolved into a biannual event, though with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 seasons appear to be shut down. Here’s hoping that it’ll return for 2022, because this looks like a riot of a time.

This is Barry Lowe’s car, and it appears that he studied at the Mark Donohue School of Racing, because between each corner the Holden is repaving the road. Reportedly, this is actually a rally car that’s been fitted with a different set of shoes to go play on the street with. Um…question: if this Holden has this much trouble laying down the grunt on asphalt, how the hell does this thing work in the dirt? Does it simply dig a trench until a tire catches a rock and starts the forward momentum?

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3 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: One Very Nasty VH Commodore Ripping Around Town

  1. Ken Dickie

    I think you’ll find that it is a tarmac rally car. ie they don’t run on dirt roads but public roads that have been closed to the general public. A bit like Pikes Peak.

  2. Brash

    I know some of the guys who work on this, and have met the owner a couple times. Can confirm it also runs a gravel rally car with appropriate changes to tyre/wheel/suspension. And yes, it carves grooves in the gravel so distinctive you can tell when he grabs the clutch to change gear

  3. Brash

    I know a couple of the guys who work on this and have met the owner. Can confirm also competes as a gravel rally car with relevant changes to tyres/wheels/suspension. Yes it tears up dirt the same way

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