Morning Symphony: Secret Squirrel C8 Corvette Prototype Testing At Sebring

Morning Symphony: Secret Squirrel C8 Corvette Prototype Testing At Sebring

Ever since a very hacked-up Holden Ute was spotted on GM testing grounds property back in 2015, the new-car world has been in a constant state of hyper-vigilance over any and everything to do with the proposed upcoming C8 Corvette or the mid-engined version of said car. The arrival of a mid-engined Corvette would finally see the realization of the dreams of Zora Arkus-Duntov, the plastic fantastic’s father, brought to fruition. It would justify countless mid-engined Corvette prototypes that have left people dreaming for decades. And it would be more than just a shot across the bow at the exotics markets that have sneered at the front-engine, rear-drive, pushrod Corvette in the past. But even with prototypes testing more and more visibly, there are still more questions than answers. It isn’t even certain whether or not Corvette will become a brand or will remain a halo model for Chevrolet, or if the appearance of a key fob with a Cadillac badge on it is any indication of a sub-model or a corporate twin. Even the powertrains are still a bit loose. It’s presumed that the LT5 V8 will remain, but will be joined by a 4.2L twin-turbocharged unit and a 5.5L unit that is rumored to be somewhere between “powerful” and potent enough that GM brought lawyers in to make sure there asses were covered legally. Rumors, of course…

Now, the car pictured is not a rumor, but a camouflaged test mule whipping around Sebring International at night. You’re seeing it, you’re hearing it. And it is the “hearing” part that has our attention. See, at least one of the new engines is supposed to be a flat-plane crank V8, and the standard pushrod V8 is believed to be coming back too. But readers…that does not sound like a V8 of any kind to me. If I must be honest, that sounds like one seriously wicked V6 with twin turbochargers tearing the silence of the night into shreds. Take a listen and see what you think…

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6 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: Secret Squirrel C8 Corvette Prototype Testing At Sebring

  1. GeorgeA

    Note that this is the C8.R for IMSA GTE, not the street version. The rumor mill has been all over the place about what is powering the C8.R,, but a V6 based on the LF4.R as tested for both IMSA DPi and Australian Supercars is a distinct possibility.

    Now that GM will campaign the front-engine C7.R for another year, it’s entirely possible that this car will never race. The new “Hypercar” formula that will replace LMP1 may kill off GTE, so it’s difficult to envision GM spending the money it would take to field this car for one year only.

  2. Bill Greenwood

    I don’t care how powerful you manage to make it, the Corvette will be the lesser if it does not have a proper V8 sound track. I know that lots of engines have cool soundtracks, but the good old 90 deg V8, with a 90 deg crank is simply at the top of the list. Listen to those videos of the Olympia Charger at Lemans, and compare it to the other cars on the track. A proper basso profundo from a V8 with some cam and some cylinder pressure is the sound of glory.
    Only the BRM F1’s and some – SOME – of Ferrari’s V12’s come close.

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