Morning Symphony: This Group C Mazda RX-7 Will Scream Until You Wake Up!

Morning Symphony: This Group C Mazda RX-7 Will Scream Until You Wake Up!

Full transparency: it’s 1:52 in the morning as I write this. And it’s going to be a relatively early morning when I wake up, because that’s just how this week is going to go. I have things that need to get done and for once, the weather is in full cooperation mode…not too hot, not raining, perfection. So I need an alarm clock that will get me out of bed and moving, which is easier said than done when I’m home…I paid out the yang for an über-bed for a reason, and every last dollar was well-spent in that regard. But what should wake me up? Back in my Army days, it’d be some loud, fast and obnoxious metal song at a volume that ensured that every day was a battle against involuntary bowel control loss. No thank you, I’m over that phase of life. It can’t be my normal alarm, because that’s more of a gentle music deal, a gradual wake-up that’s best for when you’ve had a full night’s sleep prior to. I need something that’ll get my attention fast, will startle me enough to sit upright and pay attention, but won’t freak me out and leave my pulse racing.

“9,500 RPM Mazda RX-7 Group C”…perfect. Anyone who has spent any kind of time with a built Wankel engine in the background knows that there is no ignoring the musical quality of the all-powerful Dorito machine. Anything that idles at 2,000 RPM and screams to the heavens on the tachometer without fail is great by me, and the ripsaw-like shriek of this car is ideal. It’s not like the noise alone is why this car is featured: 2,000 pounds curb weight, over 300 horsepower, and grip for days in a first-gen RX-7 will put a smile on anyone’s face. The power figure might seem low, but when you’re nudging pretty close to 10,000 RPM on the clock, 330 horsepower will feel radically underrated.

Okay, enough chit-chat. Daylight will be coming soon and there’s more to be done. G’night, everybody!

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