Chevrolet To Replace The SS With The Camaro ZL1 In NASCAR – Here’s The First Look At The New Race Car!

Chevrolet To Replace The SS With The Camaro ZL1 In NASCAR – Here’s The First Look At The New Race Car!

(Photos: General Motors) It had to happen…with the death of the Chevrolet SS sedan, a new body had to be chosen for the teams flying the Chevrolet flag in NASCAR’s Monster Energy Cup series. That decision has been announced: for the 2018 season, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will be Chevrolet’s fielded model. It’s not a surprise, either…the Camaro SS has been in use in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series since 2013. What is a surprise, however, is how close the new ZL1 body actually resembles a production Camaro. Coming from someone who is fairly against NASCAR and loves to take pot-shots at the racing series, I have to give kudos where it’s due…at least someone is making efforts to getting the outside to actually look like a car instead of just another shape. It’s not exactly like a 2017 Camaro, but for NASCAR, it’s closer than most have been in the last twenty-five years:

So, let’s recap: a two-door car is back in the running for Chevrolet in NASCAR, that you can go down to the dealership and buy with a monster of a V8 engine and a manual transmission. That’s two cars in recent memory (the other being the recently departed SS) and prior to that…um…the 1973 Chevelle? NASCAR isn’t going to go back to production bodies ever, but at least there’s some kind of forward progress going on from a non-fan’s perspective.

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10 thoughts on “Chevrolet To Replace The SS With The Camaro ZL1 In NASCAR – Here’s The First Look At The New Race Car!

  1. steve

    Oh man, that thing looks awesome! Hopefully there will be some people out there that will build replicas for the street, slammed on fat Goodyears on 15″ rims, full race spec cage and all… Would be a good departure from the common big diameter wheeled cars that are out there…

  2. David

    Where’s the Camaro in that race car? This thing makes the NHRA ProStock Camaro, actually look like the real car…which is saying something.

    1. jerry z

      Are you saying the NHRA Pro Stock Camaro looks more like a stock Camaro than the NASCAR version? Really? Time for a new subscription.

      About time NASCAR did something right.

      1. David

        I think you mean…Prescription? But, no my eyes are just fine. That car is everything wrong with NASCAR, in a nutshell. It’s nothing more than a Chevy SS cup car…with a NOSE JOB.

        It looks more like a Toyota Camry Cup car, then a Camaro. Look at a black silhouette of it and…any of the other Cup Cars…you won’t be able to tell the difference. Look at the silhouette of the Pro Stock Camaro…at least it has the general shape right.

        And believe me, the PS Camaro, looks very little like a real Camaro…at least the headlights match…per the rules.

        Will there be a quick bump in fan traffic, because of the Chevy Camaro Cup Car’s debut? Yes, but it will be brief…then things will go back to normal…which means no buzz.

        1. jerry z

          Prescription, subscription. Tomato, tomatto. My bad!

          Unless they use a body in white (never will happen) this is as close to a stock looking Camaro you’ll get.

          The pro stock Camaro looks the same as a pro mod Camaro because it is a pro mod Camaro! Pro stock haven’t look stock in over 20 yrs. This was my favorite class but haven’t been to an NHRA race on almost 10 yrs.

  3. Jeepster

    this week an announcement happened – for the truck series there will soon be a new ” crate motor” that everyone will have to run. Surprisingly it is almost 95% GM design. Ford and Toyota both stated that if this happens they will pull all support for the series immediately.

    so in the future if you overheat your Nascar leased crate engine, you bought it – and it can not be rebuilt. This series is done for. Toyota Triad racing will be making some announcements very soon.

    1. David

      That’s the real story in NASCAR, and it’s getting zero, press on the branded shows. It could mean an end to the truck series.

  4. keezling

    I used to watch NASCAR, on a black and white 15″ floor model tv in the living room with rabbit ears on top (the only tv the house).

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