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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Do YOU Want To See Out Of Our Bonneville Speed Week 2017 Coverage?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Do YOU Want To See Out Of Our Bonneville Speed Week 2017 Coverage?

As you are reading this, I am quite literally cruising miles above the Earth’s crust on my way to Ontario, California where I will scoop up the rental car, meet Chad at his shop, hang out for the evening and then we’ll leave in the middle of the night for Bonneville. I know that I have been hammering on Speed Week…for weeks but that’s only because I am super excited to be out there bringing you the news and happenings with Chad but also because I feel like you’re cranked up for it too. It has showed in the numbers of your reading the stories, commenting, etc. Long story short, I think we’re ALL ready for the action to begin.

We’re going to try to do many of the same things we did last year by keeping you in the loop on the big streamliners, keeping you in the loop on some of the individual efforts we have already mentioned in the last couple of weeks, shooting photos until our fingers bleed and our cameras cry out for relief, telling you who is up for records, telling you who is not performing up to snuff, and just being as many places as we can be at one time physically and electronically.

So what have you been looking for that we haven’t brought you? What do you want to see? Tell us here and we’ll do our damnedest to deliver.

BANGSHIFT QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Do YOU Want To See Out Of Our Bonneville Speed Week 2016 Coverage?

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21 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Do YOU Want To See Out Of Our Bonneville Speed Week 2017 Coverage?

  1. ratpatrol66

    I’m going to be there and see it live!!! Hope you have a better rental than that crap can a few years ago?!?!

  2. Brad

    I would like to see coverage of the fastest cars there, along with the craziest/Bangshiftiest cars there.

  3. Mike

    Cover the door cars. Car 1862 which is a 1969 ford talladega. What c motor is it running. Would like to know where car is out of and contact info if he is interested in selling. Thanks. Mike from Cincinnati.

    1. Warren Barbee(teach)

      I can\’t make it this year do to some health issues. Your coverage has been epic.
      Don\’t stop doin\’ what you have been doin\’ !!!!! Say hi to chad 4 me, teach

  4. PJ

    real car. The streamliners and lakesters are cool for the engineering feat that they are. But they don’t relate. Real cars with doors are what I am most interested in.
    Also unique powertrains. The weirdest, wildest and craziest stuff on the salt. That doesn’t mean biggest horsepower, but those v8s with only 1 cylinder head, the 1 cylinder weird things and anything in between.

  5. Drew

    Drive around in golf cart again and ask racers what problems they are facing.Try to help them.Take all the carnage photos and buy or trade them some t shirts.It helps them and you out for food and gas money.
    U are missing out on an chance to sell bangshift sun screen out there this year.
    See ya there tonight for the car show at the nugget.I will be in the black 56 bel air gasser

  6. Stan

    Honest straight forward report of the salt surface and thickness of the salt in inches not adjectives.
    We will be there in 2018 if track conditions permit.

  7. Kent Reed

    A good story about a bunch of dare to be different . They have a hundred classes out there. Lets see the other stuff. Every other outlet we will see will show stream liners and vettes .The classes I believe start at something like 50 cc. There are some strange engines Like V-4’s made from V-8’s and other things like that. And a good detailed story ,not just pictures

  8. Kent Reed

    I just looked at some of your other Bonneville stories. I see a Chrysler Airflow with numbers and a window net.Some one is competing an Airflow.. Come on you have to do a story on that alone.As long as it does not have a Chevy motor in it,I’m just saying

  9. Tubbed Pacecar

    Want to see some ink, pics &results on my hometown boys Mercury Zephyr Z-7

    (as seen in build thread in project cars section on BS Foruns)

    Been a long time coming, hope they run some big numbers with that killer 257 C.I. SBF 🙂

  10. Harry

    Take a walk around the hotel parking lots after dark. You will know what I mean when you do it. Bring your Camera.

  11. Bryce Dakins

    I always enjoyed walking around the pits and seeing the different set ups guys came up with. I remember one year an electric car team, possibly from japan, had chefs with them to cook for the crew.

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