NASCAR Contemplating Mufflers For Cars As Way Of “Enhancing” Fan Experience

NASCAR Contemplating Mufflers For Cars As Way Of “Enhancing” Fan Experience

In a continuing effort to destroy their own sport, NASCAR is apparently considering adding mufflers to their cars in order to make the races more fan friendly. Yes, that’s why no one is showing up anymore, all of those infernal noisy stock cars! According to reports on outlets like and, the addition of mufflers is one of a bunch of proposals that NASCAR brass is considering to make their racing “better”. Like a little kid unwittingly squeezing the life out of a rabbit as he pets it, these guys are literally loving their sport too death.

Not that you didn’t see this sucker punch coming but the move is bing made because they believe Millennials would like the racing better if they could have a conversation among themselves throughout the event. Here’s a pro tip for Brian France: They don’t like the racing now because they were never introduced to it and frankly one doesn’t simply discover motor racing at the age of 20 and dive face first into it. This move will be a doubly whammy of corporately horrific decision making. Firstly it will attract zero new fans or at least a small enough number to make it irrelevant. Secondly it will continue to drive off the people who actually like and enjoy the sport which seems to be the recent goal of the organization.

The scariest part of this all if you are a dedicated NASCAR fan should be that this is the FIRST of the 15-20 proposals for bettering the fan and competition experiences which are being considered.

Is it ironic that Brian France doesn’t even attend enough races to have hearing damage from the noise?



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28 thoughts on “NASCAR Contemplating Mufflers For Cars As Way Of “Enhancing” Fan Experience

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    This needs to be stamped out in the bud as the next thing they’ll come up with is electric NASCAR races using only Priuses….

  2. Dave

    I quickly grabbed my calendar to be sure that April 1st hadn’t arrived
    What are they thinking…………….

  3. orange65

    Brian France must own stock in the company that is running around removing the seats at NASCAR tracks.

  4. Race Car Alex

    Going down hill and doing it QUICK. Ive given up watching aside from the Daytona 500, which hasn’t even been that good the past few years. Whatever…see ya NASCAR

  5. C1BAD66 Malibu

    Millennials actually carrying on [voice] conversations?

    I’m under the impression they text one another, even if they’re within arm’s length…

  6. Matt Cramer

    I checked some of the other stories on that site to make sure it’s not some sort of “the Onion for sports” type of news.

  7. bob

    With the Snowflake generation coming of age mufflers on stock cars are the least of our worries………

  8. Donny Chops

    They claim to be a family sport. Well, if you are a Mom and Dad with 2 kids and assuming you drove there it’s gas for the trip in, 4 tickets, trinkets and trash crap, 4 T shirts and hats, food , drinks, 4 hours to get out of the parking lot, gas for the trip home, more food. Not to mention the lethal sunburns and you have an easy $500 weekend. Stay home and watch it on TV. Best seat in the house, cold airconditioning, good food, no lines to Pee, no cigarette smoke and when it’s over you can take a nap. Case closed.

  9. sbg

    They don’t go to the races because the races are boring. All mufflers will do is give adult males another way to sleep at a spectator event on Sunday morning.

  10. Ricky Harper

    All NASCAR has to do to re-energize its sport is to actually have racing at their races. They haven’t done that since at least the 80s and every year’s new line up of rules only regulates more of the racing out of, uh, the racing.

    NASCAR is run by idiots.

  11. Wes

    Not really a fan anymore but I think this is AWESOME!!! Just think, a few more ideas like this and Mr. France will be flipping burgers. “Hey y’all. I’m Brian France and I’m making NASCAR one of the most boring sports to watch……’re welcome”!!!!

  12. Anthony

    Why does it say Honda on that car? WTF! They never made a friggin car with a V8 ever! Oh yeah,F’ the mufflers too! I dont really watch anyway. Since Ford had the Taurus in there back in the 90s it wasnt good anymore.

  13. Goodguystu

    Bill France and France Jr. have to be looking down and wondering if Brian is actually a member of their family. All the work they did to build a series is being dismantled by this minion.

    1. dan barlow

      No doubt about it , NASCAR is dying but I will be the odd man out here and say that this isn’t a bad idea . Prolonged exposure to 90 decipels of sound will cause hearing damage . So you need to muffle the noise . Every driver is wearing hearing protection and more than likely the pit crew . The fat cats are in their air conditioned boxes so they have some protection . I would say most regular live watching fans wear hearing protection . What are mufflers ? Hearing protection ! It would be far easier to put 2 or 3 hundred dollars of muffs on each car . And it isn’t like they are going to he factory stock quiet . They will be something like a drag racing bullet muffler . Still plently loud times 40 or 30 cars at one time .

  14. Tanglefoot

    NASCAR is their own worst enemy , and they are dying a slow death . I stopped watching NASCAR when you couldn’t tell what car was being raced without a program telling you . Muffleling race cars is ridiculous , any person with a thread of common sense would wear hearing protection if the noise bothered them . I think this is just a move by the nanny state to help those that are too stupid to help themselves . BTW , ear plugs are about 5 cents a pair -just saying….

  15. ted026

    My first thought is leave it alone! Nascar can’t take much more of Brian’s improvements. But if you must, then run the exhaust out the rear or out the driver’s side of the car. Either would quieten the race. At worst join the pipes under the car into a muffler, then out the rear or driver’s side. And this open area for fans to walk around in instead of sit would be fine for 100 laps or 1 six pack, whichever comes first.

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