New Video Build Series: In The Shop With Emily Transforms A 1964 Impala SS – Part 1

New Video Build Series: In The Shop With Emily Transforms A 1964 Impala SS – Part 1

With all of the cool internet video that is popping up for gear heads we thought we would share the start (and the ensuing episodes) of a build series that will see the resurrection, modification, and thrashing of a pro touring style 1964 Impala SS. The car is being built as part of the “In The Shop With Emily” series which stars Emily Williams. Normally this is the part where we tell you how hardcore a geared Emily is and put some sort of a sales job on you to have you watch this video. Frankly, we’re skipping that. Why? For the same reason we wouldn’t make a huge deal of the host of the build if it were a dude. She’s as legit as they come with a wrench and if you need to know more than that, you’re the one missing out.

This is the introduction to the project and it is a pretty quick video, we’ll be back in a couple days with the first installment where the wrenching begins. This is the second season of “In The Shop With Emily”. Last year the project was her late model Pontiac GTO and this year is the classic Impala. We think you are going to dig the series because it is real world and it is not some crazy, slickly produced deal that glazes over any bumps in the road in the build process, etc. Emily will be the first to admit that there’s stuff she does not know and that’s kind of refreshing in a world of people posing as infallible experts at every turn.

Check this out. Pretty BangShifty we’d say!


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10 thoughts on “New Video Build Series: In The Shop With Emily Transforms A 1964 Impala SS – Part 1

  1. orange65

    I wish my wife would take an interest in working on cars. Shes all in when they are finished, but getting one done- not so much.

    I look forward to following this car being built.

    1. Emily

      Thanks for the support!!!! I’m glad you wife at least enjoys the builds with you after completion! 🙂

  2. keezling

    Sorry, all I see is yet another poser. lets see her torque a set of head bolts on a power stroke, no cut aways to fix her hair or rest. Do it for a living, then I’m impressed. You guys get blinded by a tank top and a pretty smile too easy.

    1. Emily

      Good morning There’s video of me torquing my ARP head bolts on my PRC 227 heads for my 408 build, but I understand if that won’t suffice. I’m not trying to prove myself with these videos, just having fun building cool shit in the shop with my hubby! Hope you have a great Sunday!
      Ps- thanks for the pretty smile part!

    2. Kiley Kins

      Well the thing is, I wouldn’t say she is a “poser” Mr. Keezling. The thing is you don’t know her. Rather than tearing people down, for doing what they love. Why don’t we try building people up for once. It might slowly make this world a better place to live in. The fact is this girl knows cars, and just happens to be beautiful as well. Two gifts that she can blend together!!! Happy for her and thrilled to see it!!!!

  3. mike dennis

    really enjoyed the brief video and I’m very interested in what she is doing as I have already done a 5.3 and 4l60 swap in my 1978 cl10 short box and absolutely love it .

  4. Jesse Madaffari

    will be watching and learning more on ls swaps. Might want to do one in the future.
    And a little side note. I had the job of training new hires at the John Deere dealership I worked in and the best I trained was a young lady right out of college.

  5. Nick

    Video looks great Emily and wait to see the Impala come together! To those who don’t know Emily, there’s no BS smoke and mirrors behind these videos, just a hot chick that likes having a good time turning a wrench, learning about building cars, and hauling ass. Also props to Dale Zavala at http://WWW.THEDALEZAVALA.COM for making another sick video for this series that I’ll definitely be following.

    1. Emily

      Hahaha!!! Thanks Nick!! Dale deserves a lot of credit, his light and editing is why I look the way I do!! Lol! Thanks sooo much for following and supporting!

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