The Nicest 1973 Chevrolet Laguna in America is For Sale – This Thing Is Incredible

The Nicest 1973 Chevrolet Laguna in America is For Sale – This Thing Is Incredible

Our words, not the seller’s. The whole “nicest 1973 Chevrolet Laguna in America” part but we’re going to go ahead and challenge you to rebuke us on that claim once you check out some photos and then whack the link below to see the rest. This is one of those cars that has lived a charmed and cared for life, at least it seems. These cars were built in order to get the NASCAR version approved and they sold in fairly limited numbers. We’re not talking like single digits here, but for Chevrolets we’re talking fairly small batch stuff, right? The car has the original wheels, the original perfect interior, paint, etc. It’s basically like it rolled off the factory floor. The seller does say that the dash has a crack in it that will need to be tended to, but holy smoke if that’s all we’re talking about, c’amon!

There have been some mechanical changes made along way but you’d have to kind of go digging to find them. Under the car there’s been a Trans-Am front sway bar installed to improve handling. There’s also been a power steering box from a Trans-Am installed to quicken the ratio for more fun driving characteristics. The engine is a 175hp factory rated piece from a 1980 Corvette. This is not some dopey guy bragging about the ‘Vette motor but rather a mechanic passing along info about the car. The mill has an Edelbrock intake and a Q-Jet. The ignition has been upgraded to HEI.

This is a mechanic owned car in the best way. Sometimes we see that and don’t quite understand why someone is bragging on it but here we do. Someone really cared for this thing and made smart, factory part upgrades to it over the years. Wow.

Craigslist: The nicest 1973 Chevrolet Laguna in America is for sale

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15 thoughts on “The Nicest 1973 Chevrolet Laguna in America is For Sale – This Thing Is Incredible

    1. Riverratcustoms

      Didnt realize it had a salvage title. Only worth maybe half or 1/3 of what he’s asking then.

  1. Rocco B.

    Definitely worth the coin to start with a nice example like this than some of the junk projects you have shown in the past.

  2. RK - no relation

    Best looking 1973 Chevrolet Laguna survivor that I have seen since the seventies! I could go for this round headlight and round tail light beauty!

    1. Derrell Gumm

      Yeah, I wonder about that. Is it an actual salvage certificate, or rebuilt salvage, reconstructed, etc.

    1. Realdeal

      I emailed him why it does it have a salvage title and here is his reply.Sometime back it was donated by (the children of the original owner because they had no interest in the car) to a “cars for kids” type charity as a tax write off.
      The charity turns it into the state as part of California ‘s cash for clunkers movement to rid the state of ‘polluting’
      Pre 1975 vehicles.
      It ended up at a yard but because obviously it was too nice to ‘salvage’,
      It was retitled and sold.
      It’s really only had two long term owners…
      Never been wrecked

  3. fnaf

    Information about selling cars you share is quite attractive. a beautiful and luxurious antique car. I really like the color of the car. I really want to have it.

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