NSRA Streetkhana! This Ain’t About Power Parking – Corner Burning, Cone Killing Action

NSRA Streetkhana! This Ain’t About Power Parking – Corner Burning, Cone Killing Action

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – NSRA brings back its own version of autocrossing to select events.  I can’t recall the last time NSRA had autox at its events, but it has been at least a couple decades.  When we heard they’d be taking over one of the parking lots at this year’s Nationals that was immediately put on the ‘must see’ list.  If you haven’t been to the NSRA Nationals in Louisville you might not realize how BIG this event is and how little time there is to take it all in.  Best advice I can give is make a short list of what you really want to see, set time aside just for that, and then come to the realization it is SO massive that no one can see it all.

The course did not have any crossover elements so they could get two cars on course with little chance of either interrupting the other.  They used a golf cart and two folks as course workers to reset cones.  Basic safety stuff applied and they offered sessions with ride-a-longs for anyone and everyone to get a taste.  Chain-link fence and concrete barriers kept spectators safe, but close enough to enjoy.  A pair of displays showed the time for each run and the announcer kept it lively.  Some cars we’d only seen on TV or in magazines were throwing it around along with just about anyone else that had the nerve to put it out there.  Lots of LS-swapped stuff with the nicest being the white and gold ’68 Camaro having one of the best-looking swaps we’ve seen.  It works.  The 48-hour Corvette (yellow C3) showed us all the proper technique for driving out of a spin.  The blue VW-powered hotrod made a valiant effort as did the home-built tudor sedan.  There wasn’t a lot of opposite-lock driving, but you can tell by the photos that at times folks got a little carried away with the happy pedal.  The green Gremlin was like icing on the cone-course cake.  It’s got the look and has the moves to be a real player.  Definitely enjoyed this and look forward to seeing it again.

Check it out at https://www.beta.facebook.com/streetkhanaautox/


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