Oh Canada – This Four Door 1980 Trans-Am Is One Freaky Limo-ish Thing

Oh Canada – This Four Door 1980 Trans-Am Is One Freaky Limo-ish Thing

Guys, there are two of them. Yes there is more than one four door 1980 Trans-Am out there and apparently the same guy owns both. We came to that brilliant conclusion after seeing the ad for this beast. BangShifter Dominique Espetveidt tipped us off to it and we’re never going to forgive him.

We’re guessing that these were constructed for some sort of livery or limo company. Being that there are are unibody we’re guessing that there are some really bad ass looking frame connectors under there or maybe the car sits on a custom chassis of some kind.

We will give the seller the award for sales person of the year in trying to pitch this thing as the ideal family sports car because you can fit your kids in it. He also mentions the extreme amount of attention it draws while heading down the road. No kidding, eh? Surprised that people would be glued into looking at something that rolled out of a circus tent. Shocking!

So there you have it. The “ideal” family sports car….that looks like Homer Simpson designed it.

Here’s the text of the ad in case it sells –

Very unique, Custom made 24 years ago, If you want to build one today it would be over $150,000, We had just finished re conditioning and upgrading better than it ever was, Too many items to list must be seen to be appreciated. If you want the ideal family sports car that your wife would be happy with so you can carry around the kid, This is the car for you, It is hard to understand how much attention this car brings until you drive it to experience it. We have two of them now willing to part with this one.


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7 thoughts on “Oh Canada – This Four Door 1980 Trans-Am Is One Freaky Limo-ish Thing

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yet another car that screams “Please kill me!”

    What sort of mouth breathing gibbering idiot takes one of the best looking American classic cars and hacks it up to fulfill their Dr Frankenstein fantasy. This guy owns two of them which makes me think he would be better placed in the Trump administration than inflicting such horrors on the street. Then Donald Trump would have a personal limo – what a marriage made in heaven!

  2. Gump

    Human centipede on an automotive level.

    Keep your political bashings to yourself, Geordie. Your part of the world is far to sideways to ever come close to judging us. Plus the car is in Canada.

    1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

      Sorry if I caused offence mate! I can definitely agree with you that my part of the world is far too sideways and I wish I lived in the USA. But then I would run the risk of seeing human centipede cars…

    1. Matt Cramer

      If it were at typical used ’70s limo prices – well, it might be a cooler ride to take the kids on vacation than a minivan. That may be the best thing I can say about it.

  3. Rock Just Rock

    One of the most uncomfortable rear seats in history and it has uh…. maybe three of ’em.

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