Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series Offers FREE Introductory Road Racing Class

Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series Offers FREE Introductory Road Racing Class

One of the coolest things about the Optima Batteries Chump Car World Series is that the range of racing experience at the events starts at the very bottom of the novice scale and goes right to the upper end of the grizzled racing veteran scale as well. Some people are intimidated by the idea of getting on a track with a ton of other rough looking cars and going flat out wheel to wheel, especially if they are new to the sport. ChumpCar recognizes this and on April 17th will host a free introductory road racing class at Thunderhill Raceway in California to speak to people who want to get out there and want to learn more before they do.

Like we said, this is a free deal and it is open to anyone, whether you are racing that weekend or not. IN FACT, if you are not racing, you’ll get a free pit pass to hang out and check out the action on Friday and Saturday, which is the best way to get a feel for what it is like to compete at one of the events. When you are able to see it from the “inside” out as opposed to the grandstands it will make a bunch more sense and you’ll run home to start chopping that old third Gen Camaro into a road course killer soon enough!


Ever wanted to learn about racing?
Curious about road course events?
Sitting on the fence wondering when an opportunity might present itself?
Wondered what a $500 race car is all about?

NOW IS YOUR TIME!                                   

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Join us for a fun and engaging 2-hour fast- paced learning environmentrelevant to any driver, regardless of experience. This interactive track classroom experience will provide you with the basics of race preparation, safe driving techniques and vehicle dynamics.

Learn from experienced, yet down to earth, road course endurance instructors, who regularly drive with ChumpCar and at one point where just like you…watching from the paddock!

The class is offered for free (a $150 value); all we ask is that you register in advance so that we can plan accordingly. You’ll receive:

  • Driver Handbook & Training Materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • If you are not racing this weekend, you’ll receive a free spectator pit pass to Friday and/or Saturday’s event (a $20 value)
  •  And the chance to win ChumpCar gear, including a deluxe racing equipment bag (valued at $200)!

In addition to embarking on your race craft adventure, this class could be your opportunity to join a team, find a group of chumps looking to start a new team, or inspire you to go home and pull out that 1987 Dodge Neon to build your own high performance racing machine!

Learn about…

Driver Basics

  • Knowing Your Equipment…The car & safety gea
  • Egress…Knowing when & how to get out of your car
  • The Lay O’ the Land….The Track, the staff, the corner workers & safety crew
  • Starting the Race
  • On Track Safety…Passing, hand signals, off-track/safe re-entry, contact & safety retrieval/rescue
  • Respect the Flags
  • Pit In/Out & Paddock Etiquette
  • Fueling Procedures

Driving Techniques

  •  Vehicle Dynamics…Seating, hand position, mirrors & visual focus
  •  Understanding “The Line”
  •  Braking & Apexes
  •  Throttle & Shifting
  •  Heel & Toe Downshifting
  •  Chassis & Suspension Basics…Camber, caster & toe-in
  •  Driving at “The Limit”


Please contact us at [email protected]


CLICK HERE for more information on ChumpCar
CLICK HERE for information regarding this Thunderhill Raceway race April 18-19, 2014


Your Instructors

Ardie Oji, Yuba City CA
Ardie Oji began racing karts in 1959 and went on to race dirt bikes and dirt track midgets. In 1979, he began racing with SCCA in the San Francisco region with a GT-1 car and then raced in the Trans-Am and IMSA GTO series in the early ’80s. Since then he has raced an H Production Sprite, Spec Miata, Spec Racer Ford and Historic Winston Cup Stock Cars. Ardie has attend several racing schools including Bob Bondurant, Skip Barber and Ron Fellows schools and has been a driving instructor for SCCA and other organizations for over 15 years.
  Steve Barber, Danville CA

Steve Barber began his racing car by attending the SCCA Drivers School at Sears Point Raceway in a 1966 Corvette Roadster. In 1984, he ran a SCCA Trans Am Corvette in regional and National Road Racing events throughout California, Arizona and Nevada and attended Jim Russell Advanced Racing School. Steve has over 20 wins in SCCA, in classes GT1, Super Production, Baby Grand and others. In 1995, he raced a NASCAR Winston Cup Road Race car in Vintage with SCCA, SCRS, HSCRS, HSR-West, HMSA, VARA, NASA and others. Steve has also served as a board member for SCCA, Historic Stockcar Racing Series and SCRS (Stock Car Racing Series).
Cathy McCause  Fuss, Martinez CA
West Region Director, ChumpCar World Series, “Racey Diva #65”
Leaving the corporate world behind eight years ago, Cathy McCause, cut her “wheel to wheel” racing teeth as a Bay Area circle dirt track driver.  As a founding member of ChumpCar in 2009, she learned to turn  left…and right…and oversees ChumpCar’s West Region, consisting of 9 states, Western Canada & Mexico. Cathy is responsible for the series’s novice school training and thrives on putting drivers in a race car for the very first  time!

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    that sounds like HUGE fun. I’ve got a bad habit of cruising craigslist for 500.00 cars already. Thanks for an excuse. lol.

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