Redline Rebuild! Watch These Guys Perform The Rebuild Of An Iconic VW Flat Four

Redline Rebuild! Watch These Guys Perform The Rebuild Of An Iconic VW Flat Four

Hagerty has really been killing it with their series of time lapse engine rebuild videos. They have done a bunch of classic engines so far but this time they are doing something a little different but no less cool. Rather than an iconic mill known for big horsepower, they went with the rebuild of an iconic VW flat four. One of the most compact, interesting, tough, and high volume engines ever produced, these things powered millions and millions of cars dutifully for more than a half century. There will be running examples of the VW flat four when the end times come. They’ll literally be here forever.

We get to see every inch of this process from pulling the greasy lump out of the car to disassembly, machining of parts, and the reassembly. Heck, we even get a bonus carb rebuild thrown in to this video for no extra charge! It is pretty awesome to see how much people love these engines. From the guys that hit them with turbos or blowers at the drags to those dedicated land speed racers still pushing the envelope of performance on a platform that debuted with 36hp to putter Beetles around with, they are tough and cool.

If you have never seen one of these engines come apart or go back together again, thank Hagerty for this all expense paid tour of these VW guts!

Press play below to see this cool Hagerty Redline Rebuild of an iconic VW flat four –

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5 thoughts on “Redline Rebuild! Watch These Guys Perform The Rebuild Of An Iconic VW Flat Four

  1. Tyler

    I’m not sure who is in charge of Hagerty marketing, but they are flipping geniuses. I Insure my BMW track car with them fore a measly $500 a year. I added the Hagerty Drivers Club for $45. So far that has gotten me a subscription to their EXCELLENT Magazine. An hour of track time at Sebring for $75, a free 1 year sub to Motor Trend on demand, and a $25 discount code for a years worth of SCCA track nights, Not sure the angle (insurance companies are legalized mafia and the devil) but i like it!

  2. Piston Pete

    I was never into Bugs but had a couple friends in high school who were and they said the easiest way to change spark plugs was to drop the engine out. HUH.

    1. Eric

      A short piece of fuel hose is all you need, stick the end of the spark plug in it and you have a flexible extension.

  3. old guy

    Mid 70’s my sister + ex had one that was in an accident . It had a good motor they wanted to sell – in the tow yard we put it on it’s side w/ 72 Ford van .
    I think we pulled it over ….Easiest way to get the motor out
    Unbolted it yanked it and then put the car right side up w/a shot from the van to the roof
    Kinda satisfying …..

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