Ride Along As Two Women Drive Straight Into An Open Loading Dock While Looking For A Candle Store

Ride Along As Two Women Drive Straight Into An Open Loading Dock While Looking For A Candle Store

This is a pretty amazing video. Thankfully no one was hurt and that means we can laugh about this because it is pretty hilarious. What you are about to see and hear are two seemingly older women, clearly lost, looking for some sort of a candle store. It looks like they have wandered into an industrial complex of some kind judging by all of the nondescript steel buildings that they are driving through. Then the make a left turn and the magic begins.

You’ll see it coming like passengers saw the iceberg coming for the Titanic but just like Captain Smith, they do not see it. Likely preoccupied by their quest for the store and looking anywhere but straight ahead, they slowly drive straight into the deep end of an open loading dock in this industrial area. It was pretty full of water because the landing was more of a splashdown than a thud.

The car is clearly messed up, the women are confused, and there’s an unholy banging coming from somewhere. Well as luck would have it, we saw these two women interviewed on America’s Funniest Home Videos and the driver said that the noise was the driveshaft. We take that to mean that it was broken off and flopping around wildly under the car, bashing the floor.

It is pretty amazing how calm the two women remain after what just happened. They are incredulous when asking repeatedly, “what was that?” When one of the ladies mentions that it felt like the “bottom dropped out” it is clear that neither of them have literally no idea what they’ve stumbled into.

While we did not hear whether the car was totaled or not, we’re guessing whatever this rear driver was a hurting unit. Imagine filing this insurance claim. Would they even cover it?

Press play to see a car drive straight into an open loading dock –

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5 thoughts on “Ride Along As Two Women Drive Straight Into An Open Loading Dock While Looking For A Candle Store

  1. john

    How could this facility not have a removable barrier around this pit. At night or in a driving rain this could be problem for anyone. One vote for the old ladies.

    1. no dumb ass

      Fuck that victim attitude! If you can’t pay attention to where you are driving you don’t need to be driving. If you are looking for a retail store and see nothing but warehouses you are lost….and apparently too stupid to realize it

      1. Brad

        You do realize many business are located in industrial parks these day right. I guess if this was a professional driver and it was at night and raining you would change your mind. Get your head out of your ass. If everyone place has to have safety barriers then why the hell doesn’t this one?

      2. Nathan Piechocki

        Candle Supply is actually about 20 feet away in that industrial park, so they were actually in the right place. It’s even around the back, so they’d have to drive around there.

        Not marking or blocking off your loading docks is negligent, because you can’t see them in the dark or if they’re filled with rainwater.

  2. Hemi Joel

    The first thing I thought of is that hole is a booby trap. unsafe. Why isn’t there some barrier or warning on that pit. You don’t set up unsafe booby traps in public areas. Someone walking at night could fall in there and get severely injured or killed.

    But the lady did not give up on here mission. Help arrived and the first thing she asked is where is the candle shop!

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